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List of the best Val Kilmer movies, ranked best to worst with movie trailers when available. Whether you know him as Ice man, Batman or Jim Morrison, Val Kilmer is surely one of your favorite actors. Val Kilmer's highest grossing movies have received a lot of accolades over the years, earning millions upon millions around the world. The order of these top Val Kilmer movies is decided by how many votes they receive, so only highly rated Val Kilmer movies will be at the top of the list. Val Kilmer has been in a lot of films, so people often debate each other over what the greatest Val Kilmer movie of all time is. If you and a friend are arguing about this then use this list of the most entertaining Val Kilmer films to end the squabble once and for all.

If you think the best Val Kilmer role isn't at the top, then upvote it so it has the chance to become number one. The greatest Val Kilmer performances didn't necessarily come from the best movies, but in most cases they go hand in hand.

This list is made up of many different films, including Top Gun and The Doors.

"This list answers the questions, "What are the best Val Kilmer movies?" and "What are the greatest Val Kilmer roles of all time?" If you like Kilmer's camaraderie, you might also enjoy our list of best Tom Cruise movies and best Kurt Russell movies.

Val Kilmer is no stranger to working with popular directors, including Ron Howard, Joel Schumacher and Tony Scott. Val Kilmer has been in some really popular films, and is right up there with stars like John Travolta and Russell Crowe in terms of fame and success.

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Tombstone Val Kilmer, Kurt Russell, Charlton Heston

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The Ghost and the Darkness Val Kilmer, Michael Douglas, Emily Mortimer

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The Doors Meg Ryan, Val Kilmer, Kelly Hu

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Top Gun Tom Cruise, Meg Ryan, Val Kilmer

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The Saint Val Kilmer, Elisabeth Shue, Roger Moore

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Heat Natalie Portman, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro

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Real Genius Val Kilmer, Chevy Chase, Deborah Foreman

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Willow Val Kilmer, Kevin Pollak, Warwick Davis

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Thunderheart Val Kilmer, David Crosby, Sam Shepard

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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Robert Downey Jr., Val Kilmer, Michelle Monaghan

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Batman Forever Nicole Kidman, Drew Barrymore, Jim Carrey

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True Romance Brad Pitt, Val Kilmer, Samuel L. Jackson

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Red Planet Val Kilmer, Carrie-Anne Moss, Simon Baker

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Top Secret! Val Kilmer, Omar Sharif, Peter Cushing

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The Salton Sea Val Kilmer, Meat Loaf, Danny Trejo

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At First Sight Val Kilmer, Mira Sorvino, Nathan Lane

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The Prince of Egypt Sandra Bullock, Michelle Pfeiffer, Val Kilmer

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Déjà Vu Denzel Washington, Val Kilmer, Elle Fanning

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Wonderland Paris Hilton, Christina Applegate, Val Kilmer

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The Island of Dr. Moreau Marlon Brando, Val Kilmer, Ron Perlman

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Spartan Kristen Bell, Val Kilmer, William H. Macy

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Alexander Angelina Jolie, Val Kilmer, Colin Farrell

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Felon Val Kilmer, Anne Archer, Sam Shepard

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Mindhunters Val Kilmer, LL Cool J, Christian Slater

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Billy the Kid Val Kilmer, Wilford Brimley, Duncan Regehr

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The Real McCoy Val Kilmer, Kim Basinger, Terence Stamp

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Wyatt Earp's Revenge Val Kilmer, Trace Adkins, Matt Dallas

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Bloodworth Hilary Duff, Val Kilmer, Kris Kristofferson

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Pollock Jennifer Connelly, Val Kilmer, Stephanie Seymour

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Kill the Irishman Val Kilmer, Christopher Walken, Linda Cardellini

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The Missing Cate Blanchett, Evan Rachel Wood, Val Kilmer

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The Man Who Broke 1,000 Chains is listed (or ranked) 32 on the list The Best Val Kilmer Movies
The Man Who Broke 1,000 Chains Val Kilmer, Kyra Sedgwick, Sônia Braga

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MacGruber Val Kilmer, Kristen Wiig, Chris Jericho (Fozzy)*

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The Chaos Experiment Val Kilmer, Eric Roberts, Armand Assante

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10th & Wolf Val Kilmer, Piper Perabo, Tommy Lee

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Double Identity Val Kilmer, Izabella Miko, Julian Wadham

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Hard Cash Val Kilmer, Daryl Hannah, Christian Slater

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The Traveler Val Kilmer, Camille Sullivan, Chris Gauthier

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Hardwired Val Kilmer, Cuba Gooding Jr., Tatiana Maslany

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Conspiracy Val Kilmer, Jennifer Esposito, Gary Cole

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The Murders in the Rue Morgue Val Kilmer, George C. Scott, Rebecca De Mornay

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Columbus Day Val Kilmer, Marg Helgenberger, Wilmer Valderrama

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Masked and Anonymous Penélope Cruz, Bob Dylan, Mickey Rourke

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Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendes, Val Kilmer

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Mark Twain and Mary Baker Eddy Val Kilmer

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Blind Horizon Val Kilmer, Neve Campbell, Amy Smart

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2:22 Val Kilmer, Robert Miano, Peter Dobson

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The Fourth Dimension Val Kilmer, Rachel Korine, Igor Sergeyev

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Riddle Val Kilmer, Diora Baird, Elisabeth Harnois