Meet Valerie Solanas, Lena Dunham's Character On AHS: Cult, Who Attempted To Assassinate Andy Warhol

Lena Dunham's casting on the new season of American Horror Story inspired a vitriolic reaction from fans of the show – she's a rather divisive figure it seems – and that fan response has overshadowed just who the creator of Girls is playing. Lena Dunham's character on American Horror Story is none other than the radical feminist who shot Andy Warhol – Valeria Solanas.  

So, who is Valerie Solanas? And will her portrayal on the show be accurate? It would appear we'll at least get to see her attempted murder of Warhol, as a picture of Evan Peters dressed as the godfather of pop art emerged on Instagram. It looks as if we'll see Dunham take a shot before the series ends.