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Disturbing Facts About Valessa Robinson, A 15-Year-Old Who Murdered Her Mother

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In 1998, at the age of 15, Florida teen Valessa Robinson orchestrated the death of her mother. Her boyfriend, Adam Davis, assisted her in the murder along with his friend Jon Whispel. Their motive? True love of course. Valessa was going to be sent away and she couldn't stand the thought of being separated from Adam. Vicki Robinson's death shocked their small Florida community. All three teens were convicted of varying accounts of murder and Valessa received a 20-year sentence. She was released after serving 13 of those years in prison.

To add to the disturbing tale, Valessa Robinson currently resides in southern Florida and has gone on to have a child of her own. That a woman who once murdered her own mother could one day be a mother herself seems like a bizarre twist of justice. The details of Valessa Robinson's murder of her mother are terrifying, made more brutal by being a crime of daughter against mother. The story of Valessa Robinson's murder will make anyone doubt the strength of the bonds of maternal love.  

  • Valessa Killed Her Mother To Be With Her Boyfriend

    Due to her behavioral problems, which were becoming increasingly difficult to control, Vicki Robinson was planning to send her daughter Valessa to Steppin’ Stone Farm, a yearlong program for troubled teens. Vicki hoped the program would help Valessa turn her life around. This proved to be a fatal mistake and was the catalyst for Valessa's drastic actions. 

    Valessa did not want to be separated from her boyfriend Adam Davis. The camp would take her away from him and she feared Vicki was trying to force an end to their relationship. 

  • The Murderers Used A Syringe Of Bleach Before Resorting To Stabbing

    One of the more unsettling aspects of the Robinson murder is the particularly gruesome nature of Vicki Robinson’s death. Valessa Robinson held her mother down to allow Adam Davis to stab her in the throat with a syringe filled with bleach. The poison didn't work fast enough to Adam and Valessa's liking, however. Davis then proceeded to violently stab Vicki to death. 

  • The Mother Murderer Became A Mother Herself

    Photo: Valessa Robinson/Facebook / Tampa Bay Times

    Valessa Robinson disappeared from the public eye once released from prison in 2013 but she maintained a Facebook account. In a public picture posted in September of 2015, Robinson holds a baby boy with comments suggesting the child is hers. She was listed as in a relationship with a man named Hunter Markarian and Robinson declined to comment on the picture or her newfound motherhood. 

    While the passion of a misspent youth has surely evaporated, especially after 13 years in jail, one has to wonder what Valessa's son will one day think of his mother's sordid past.

  • Davis Turned On Valessa After Two Years On Death Row

    Photo: Prison Photo

    Adam Davis initially confessed to stabbing Valessa Robinson's mother. Davis was willing to take the heat for his girlfriend but two years later, while sitting on death row, Davis backtracked, claiming Valessa was the one to wield the knife that killed Vicki Robinson.

    Davis said on the night of the murder he put Vicki in a choke hold until she passed out. He left to find something to tie her up with and says he came back to find Valessa on top of her mother in the kitchen holding a knife, her hands covered in blood.

    Jon Whispel, their accomplice and the only witness to the murder, maintained that he wasn't sure which of them was the one to do the deed. Though, he did say Valessa may as well have been the one to stab her given her role in orchestrating the murder. Whispel said that at one point, Valessa held down Vicki’s legs while beating her torso screaming, “Die, b****, die!”