Valet Horror Stories That Could Easily Happen to You

When you think about it, the concept of valet parking is absolutely ridiculous. Drivers regularly hand over one of their most expensive possessions to complete strangers in order to avoid having to circle the block to find free parking. But the scariest part of valeting your car? It's not just handing waving goodbye to your car or figuring how much money to tip. It's the fine, often teeny-tiny, print at the very bottom of your valet ticket that reads: "the valet parking service does not assume any responsibility for damages to your car and/or lost items." So really, how safe is it to valet your car? 

So just how bad do valet drivers get? Most of them are actually responsible professionals, but there's always a chance your valet driver will be a bad driver and reckless idiot, or even worse, an all out criminal. From valet-caused car wrecks to joy riding gone wrong, the world's worst valets have done some pretty messed up stuff.

After reading htis list of valet horror stories, even Cher Horowitz would consider learning how to actually park her car. Let us know what you think ranks as the worst of the worst!
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    Valet Crashes then Reassembles Car, Hopes No One Will Notice

    After a valet almost completely ripped the front off a Dodge Magnum (he hit it with another SUV), the front end was hastily reassembled on the spot and returned. No mention of the accident was given to the owner.


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    Security Camera Captures Epic Valet Mistake

    Video: YouTube

    There's no way this valet could pretend he wasn't at fault after being caught on the security camera. Apparently he failed to put the car in park, which allowed the car to careen forward down a ramp and right into a wall. Rough day.

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    Valet Smashes Lamborghini

    A valet's day went from "60 to 0" when he crashed a Lamborghini Aventador into a Toyota RAV4. Apparently the valet driver thought the car was in neutral when he went to rev the engine one last time.

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    Parking Owner Caught Joy-Riding Customers's Cars

    Premier Parking Spot owner Jay Nieves was caught joy-riding by ABC News in Florida. After receiving tips that Nieves had been "borrowing" cars that were supposed to be in his care while their owners were on a cruise ship, the news agency decided to set up a little investigation. Using a GPS tracking device, the agency followed him all over town. He denied the allegations even after seeing video evidence.

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