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These '70s Collectibles Are Worth A Ton Of Money Now

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If you, your parents, or anyone else you know still has some old '70s toys laying around in the attic, then it may be worth looking through them in search of a few vintage treasures. These days, some of the most popular '70s toys can sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars online, especially if they're unopened or in mint condition. Wondering what some of your valuable '70s collectibles might be worth today?

If so, then you've come to the right place, because here you'll find a list of the best '70s toys that have sold on eBay or auction sites for a nice chunk of change. Not only will you enjoy a nostalgia-infused trip down memory lane, but you'll also get a good idea of which toys from the 1970s tend to be the most sought after. Be sure and vote your favorite rare and valuable '70s toys to the top in order to help potential sellers know what's up.

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    Original Star Wars Figures Like This Luke Skywalker Often Sell For More Than $7000

    Photo: k95zt01 / eBay

    Sold For$7,019.99

    If you were that weird kid who refused to play with your prized Star Wars action figures back in the '70s (and '80s), then you may finally get to have the last laugh. While even vintage action figures featuring minor characters from Star Wars can be worth hundreds, those featuring main characters can be worth thousands. Characters like this Palitoy Luke Skywalker or a vintage Boba-Fett from Kenner Toys are worth a small fortune, especially if they are still in good condition. 

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      Classic Wonder Woman Action Figures Can Bring In The Big Bucks - Especially If You Have All The Accessories

      Photo: eve300 / eBay

      Sold For: $1,199.98

      Though Lynda Carter's name may be lost on the kids of today, she will forever be the original Wonder Woman to '70s kids everywhere. If you, too, revered her power too much to ever remove her from the original packaging, then she will gladly repay you today (assuming you're willing to part with her). This 1976 Wonder Woman doll sold for over $1,000 in her original, unopened package. 

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        Before There Was Stretch Armstrong, There Was This Odd, Rare, And Super Expensive Stretchy Serpent

        Sold For: $6,000.00

        Any '70s or even '80s kid can't help but remember Stretch Armstrong, a muscular dude in bikini-style shorts whose body was stretchy enough to earn him his name. First introduced in 1976, Stretch left kids all over the world developing conspiracy theories about what was inside of him for decades. While an old school Stretch is still worth around $399.95, you've hit an even bigger jackpot if you invested in his little friend here. Apparently, in 1978, Kenner Toys released a limited number of these creepy little serpents, and if you have one, you can cash him in for thousands. 

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          Retro Mego Action Figures Like Aquaman Often Sell For $2000 Or More 

          Photo: lilpiglit / eBay

          Sold For: $2,000.00

          When Mego first got its start in the 1950s, it mostly produced cheap toys that sold for less than $1 in five and dime stores across the country. Things changed, however, when the founder's son took over as president in 1971 and decided to test drive a bold new concept. He began acquiring the exclusive rights to popular characters from films, TV shows, and comics and then helped the company develop them into action figures. As a result, Mego became known as "The World's Greatest Action Figure Company." Though the company shut down in 1983, original Mego action figures are worth some serious cash today, especially for some of the more popular figures.

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