These '80s Collectibles You Threw Away Are Worth A Ton

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When you think back on your favorite old '80s toys, you likely picture at least a few things that might actually be worth some money if you still had them today. These days, vintage toys are all the rage, especially with eBay making the possibility of auctioning off old items accessible to everyone. Here you'll get a look back at some of the most valuable '80s toys to stumble across if you're looking to bring in a bit of extra cash. Keep in mind, however, that a given toy's condition tends to play a large role in how much you can actually sell it for. While an unopened Star Wars figure from the '80s may be worth a small fortune, you'll find that your odds of selling it decrease substantially if 8-year-old you spent a little too much time attempting to make it parachute off your favorite tree branch. 

You'll even have a chance to vote for some of the rarest and most valuable toys from the '80s that you think most deserved their selling price by voting up your favorites. So get ready to take a trip down memory lane with some of the most nostalgic toys from the 1980s that people are still willing to pay hundreds of dollars for today. 


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    Classic He-Man Action Figures Are Outlifting The Competition By Selling For Insane Amounts On eBay

    Sold For: $3,135

    Before Marvel and DC movies were all the rage, He-Man was....well, the man. Together with his twin sister, She-ra, he kept the universe out of the clutches of the evil Skeletor. If you have a He-Man action figure still in his original packaging, then he may be able to save you from the clutches of bill collectors today. Bonus points if you also have an unopened Laser Light Skeletor who has been known to sell for $2,420. 

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    Optimus Prime's Rare Pepsi Promo Toy Leaves People Thirsty For More

    Sold For: $5,100.23

    While any vintage Transformers toy can be worth hundreds of dollars, even out of the box, this one was a very rare find. Generally speaking, promo toys or those that were produced in limited numbers tend to be among the most valuable. This particular Optimus Prime was from a 1984 Pepsi promo and featured a Pepsi decal that you could apply to the trailor. When a Pepsi employee discovered it tucked away in a cooler, he was able to pull in a huge chunk of change for it. 

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    Old Atari Games Like 'Red Sea Crossing' Could Be Worth A Small Fortune

    Sold For$10,400

    Way before Nintendo and SEGA, there was Atari, a super expensive video game console that was first released in 1977. While most Atari games aren't worth that much nowadays, there are a few gems, including Red Sea Crossing, which is often cited as one of the rarest games on Earth. If you still have a couple of cartridges lying around, you may want to check out how much they're selling for these days. Vintage gaming is a huge market, and who knows, you could be sitting on a small fortune.

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    This Factory Sealed Indiana Jones Action Figure Is A Vintage Treasure

    This Factory Sealed Indiana Jones Action Figure Is A Vintage Treasure
    Photo: themuseu87 / eBay

    Sold For: $950.00

    There's still a part of every '80s kid that wishes they had fulfilled their childhood dream of growing up to become just like Indiana Jones. Such a place has this fedora-wearing guy cemented in the hearts of fans everywhere that his factory sealed action figure from 1983 can bring in near a grand. Just imagine how much the entire set is worth...