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'90s Collectibles You Threw Away That Are Worth A Ton

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The 1990s was an exciting decade. For adults it was a time of war, financial exhilaration, and soapy White House drama. For kids, it was an exciting time filled with everything from Pogs to PlayStation. Many '90s kids remember growing up convinced that their toys and collectibles and trading cards would be worth a lot of money someday. This was mostly bad advice, as most '90s toys and collectibles have turned out to be worthless. You'd have been much better off hustling your local hospital for some kidney stones, hopefully a celebrity's, to resell. 

Nonetheless, a few 90's collectibles have appreciated in value. You might be surprised to learn that while little cardboard discs aren't worth much, an old box of cereal can make you cold cash. And like all good fashion comebacks, those questionably hideous Troll dolls of the '90s are worth more vintage than their arguably cuter counterparts of today. Of course, basic economics says the value of anything is determined by what a person is willing to pay. Check out the list below to find out whether some of your old toys or collectibles are worth more than you expected, and vote up the products you're most surprised are worth a lot of money.

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    If You're Trolling For Cash And Have A Few Of These Stashed Somewhere, It Might Be Time To Sell

    Trolls have been around for years, but there was something unique about their '90s look when they resurfaced and surged in popularity. Since then, they've been relatively simple to find and purchase, but it's often hard to find duplicates, and part of the iconic novelty has been hunting unique trolls with different color hairs, sizes, or outfits. Today, a '90s Trolls doll is worth at least $40. Compare that to the set of 6 modern trolls you can buy from the new Trolls for less than $12.

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  • Mattel purchased the Polly Pocket brand in 1998. As a result, the original, smaller version of the Polly Pocket toys have increased in value. In the '90s, a child could purchase Polly Pocket for $10-$20. Now, eBay claims that sellers may ask for up to $350 for the pre-Mattel Polly Pockets, including the Bluebird Polly Pocket line, but most retail for less than that price.

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    As Furbies Resurface, Yours Might Be Worth Much More Than You Expect

    Furbies, those ugly, furry, talkative little creatures were hot items in the late 1990s. When they first came out of the box they mumbled jargon in their own "furbish" language but the more kids played with them and talked to them, they'd begin using words in whatever language its owners were speaking. Even back the demand for Furbies was high, and Furbies would sell for as much as $100. Now, sellers are asking for up to $500 for vintage Furbies, but the toys are also making a comeback, but with updated technology. As Business Insider reports, "We're definitely not in the '90s anymore, Toto."

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    A First Generation Beanie Baby Sold For $10,000 In 2013

    The now-classic Beanie Babies were the plush toy craze of the '90s, and one of the item's most appealing aspects was that each one cost a flat five dollars, no matter which cute pet you picked. They were sold in all kinds of retail stores, and special editions were also released, making certain Babies more difficult to find and even considered rare. In the late '90s McDonalds even got in on the craze by partnering with the Beanie Babies manufacturer to create miniature versions of the animals, called Teenie Beanies, for inclusion with their Happy Meals. In 2013, a regular Beanie Baby sold for $10,000, which is a 199,900% increase in value!

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