Still Have Your Old Burger King Toys? They're Probably Worth An Insane Amount Of Money Today  

Rebecca High

Remember the magic of ordering a kids meal from your favorite fast food joint when you were small? If you were a child hoarder who saved all your Happy Meal Kids Jr. toys from Burger King, you should watch this video to see how much that nostalgic plastic is worth now.

While nothing can compete with the value of nostalgia and childhood, a few of these knickknacks are now surprisingly worth a decent amount of dollars as well — possibly enough to take a date out for dinner to somewhere other than a fast food chain.

It may be no surprise that with Pokemon's recent comeback, the 57 toys that Burger King once offered through kid-friendly meals are now worth some money. If you can catch 'em all, you can sell 'em all on eBay for around $325.

But Disney takes the cake on the most valuable BK offerings, which once again goes to prove the timeless power of the Mouse. Watch this video to see if you can trade your stash for cash.