11 Extremely Valuable Items That Went Down With The Titanic

What is it about the RMS Titanic that continues to capture the imagination? The grand ship's 1912 sinking by an iceberg is the most famous shipwreck of the 20th century, and quite possibly of all time. Legions of fans and historians are still drawn to the Titanic and its tale of technological hubris, economic disparity, and unspeakable tragedy.

The tragic deaths of over 1,500 men, women and children will always be the most meaningful loss from the disaster; no wonder Titanic ghost stories persist. But more than people went down with the ship. Not even the wealthiest passengers escaped the doomed vessel with all their cargo in hand. Extremely valuable items that went down with Titanic include fine paintings and handwritten manuscripts, lavish jewels and luxury cars. There were even some illegal drugs on board.

These priceless artifacts are no doubt lost forever. But who knows what you might find submerged in the North Atlantic?