Photo: kitt2k / eBay

Rare 'Star Wars' Toys That Are Worth A Ton Of Money

Fans and collectors looking to find some expensive Star Wars toys need only direct their browser to eBay. The auction site boasts some of the most expensive - and sometimes strangest - Star Wars figures. 

Most kids tore open their Luke Skywalker collectibles and played with them immediately, but those who resisted temptation and kept their toys in pristine condition lucked out. Their old toys could be worth some serious money now.

There's a possibility you might have one of those classic gems lurking somewhere in your attic or basement. Sell just one special Star Wars figurine, and you could score a pretty decent payday.

Photo: kitt2k / eBay

  • Rocket Launcher Boba Fett - Estimated $500,000

    Rocket Launcher Boba Fett - Estimated $500,000
    Photo: eBay

    This Star Wars figurine may be one every collector knows about. Considered the rarest Star Wars collectible in existence, the "J-Slot" Boba Fett is named for the J-shaped slot in its rocket pack that would have enabled kids to launch the bounty hunter's signature missile. However, the toy manufacturer feared it presented a choking hazard and never officially released it. Around 25 are believed to exist.

    If you sell just one, you could be set for a long time. The toy goes for about $150,000 at most auctions and even popped up on an episode of Pawn Stars. The seller turned down an offer for $100,000, believing it was too low. In October 2019, another appeared at Hake's Auctions in New York, and is projected to possibly go for as much as $500,000.

  • Darth Vader - $45,000

    Darth Vader - $45,000
    Photo: eBay

    Darth Vader figures aren't exactly rare, but if you happen to have one with a high seller's grade, sell it for at least $45,000.

  • Vinyl Cape Jawa - $20,000

    Vinyl Cape Jawa - $20,000
    Photo: eBay

    When the Kenner manufacturers first released a Jawa toy in 1978, the figure came dressed in a thin vinyl cape similar to the ones on Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi. All of the subsequent Jawa toys had fabric capes. Now the vinyl cape versions are heavily sought after. If you have one in the original packaging, you just might earn $20,000.

  • Slave I - $5,115

    Slave I - $5,115
    Photo: eBay

    Boba Fett's instantly recognizable, unfortunately named ship, Slave I, was was turned into a toy. An unopened version can earn as much as $5,115 at auction.

  • Cloud City Playset - $4,600

    Cloud City Playset - $4,600
    Photo: eBay

    Playset helped you imagine you were in an actual Star Wars movie, and the Cloud City set was especially cool. It came with Lando Calrissian, other friends, and cardboard cutouts. If you never opened yours, expect to garner about $4,600.

  • R2-D2 - $4,000

    R2-D2 - $4,000
    Photo: eBay

    One of the franchise's most popular characters is obviously worth a lot of money. Even without proper packaging, an R2-D2 toy in good condition can bring in hundreds of dollars. A highly graded one, however, can reach prices as high as $4,000.