Rare Barbies That Are Worth A Lot Of Money Now

Barbie debuted in 1959 at a toy fair. Thanks to Barbie founder Ruth Handler, anyone can buy the playroom staple today. But if you held on to some of the rarer dolls, you'll probably be able to make a profit from them, especially if they're in good condition. Quite a few popular Barbies are worth a staggering amount these days; the most expensive vintage Barbies can sell on eBay for thousands of dollars. Collectors spend a lot on the dolls – the more unique they are, the better.

So, take a look around your mom's garage to see if you threw any spare Barbies into a box. You may just have a valuable investment on your hands.

  • Stefano Canturi Barbie (2010): $302,000

    Stefano Canturi Barbie (2010): $302,000
    Video: YouTube

    The Stefano Canturi Barbie, which debuted at Australian Fashion Week in 2010, is unique, from its ruffled dress to its genuine white and pink diamond necklace. Mattel and jewelry designer Stefano Canturi collaborated on the special doll for an auction benefitting The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. It sold for $302,000.

  • Modern Bride Barbie (1990): $15,900

    Modern Bride Barbie (1990): $15,900
    Photo: s.sheaffer / eBay

    The rare Modern Bride Barbie was originally made for Modern Bride Magazine in 1990. The doll, dressed in a beautiful white wedding gown, sells for $15,900. If you still have yours, it could pay for your wedding dress. 

  • Original Barbie (1959): $8,000

    The first Barbie doll was released in 1959. She had blonde hair and wore a zebra print swimsuit. Now the price for a mint condition, first-edition Barbie is about $8,000.

  • Queen Of The Prom Barbie (2001): $5,000

    Only 30 Queen of the Prom Barbies were made for the 2001 Barbie Convention. This doll, in her aqua gown, sells online for about $5,000.

  • Twist 'N Turn Barbie (1966): $1,795

    Twist 'N Turn Barbie (1966): $1,795
    Photo: mrjohnl / eBay

    Part of the Mod Barbie collection, the Twist 'N Turn doll, was released in 1966. Creators gave this Barbie bendy legs, fluttery lashes, and a flexible midsection. If you hung on to yours, it could be worth about $1,795 now.

  • Marie Antoinette Barbie (2003): $1,299

    This extravagant Barbie carries handcrafted roses, and her gown is accented with lavish gold trim. She's modeled after Marie Antoinette, the ill-fated 18th century French queen. In 2003, Barbie founders released the intricate doll as part of the Women of Royalty series.

    If you held on to her since then, you can compete with sellers on eBay and list the doll for a whopping $1,299.