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15 Fan Theories About Vampires From Your Favorite Movies And TV Shows

Vampires have been popular in movies and TV shows for decades. Audiences never seem to grow tired of a new spin on these creatures of the night. The 1931 movie Dracula, with Bela Lugosi in the title role, has rightly established itself as an all-time classic. More recently, the vampires of Twilight have been prominent in pop culture. On television, shows like True Blood and The Vampire Diaries have kept interest in vampires alive.

Because of the ongoing fascination, many vampire fan theories have cropped up on the internet. To find the most notable, we turned to the users of Reddit, where movie and TV fans are always ready to dissect their favorite franchises. Unsurprisingly, vampires are an extremely popular subject there. Redditors have come up with an assortment of theories pertaining to some of the most well known vampires around.

Your job is to decide which of these vampire fan theories are the best by voting up your favorites. Vote up the ones you think make the most sense.

  • If you thought the Count from Sesame Street is purple just to distinguish him from all the other Muppets, think again. Redditor u/IsCaptainKiddAnAdult points out that the character's obsession with counting is due to arithmomania, a compulsive behavior common among the Strigoi, a form of undead vampire in Eastern European folklore. The Strigoi are commonly purple or purplish-red in complexion because they only drink healthy blood. The Count, therefore, must be one of them, and he's probably still drinking. 

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    'Twilight' Is About Fairies, Not Vampires

    Twilight is about a girl who falls in with a coven of vampires, right? Not so fast, cautions u/GodEmperorOfHell. This user points out that three key aspects of the characters -- sparkling, living in the woods, and gaining beauty from drinking blood -- are common among fairies in certain types of folklore. Therefore, Twilight could be about fairies. 

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    • Blade fan u/Ranchking91 has a theory about the character as played by Wesley Snipes in the popular movie. The user believes that Blade "hijacked the blood god ceremony," sacrificing his mother in the process. This could indicate that Deacon Frost "just absorbed a medium level demon" in the ceremony, while Blade became the true blood god.

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      Silver Prevents Vampires From Seeing Their Reflections

      It's an age-old vampire movie trope that the creatures cannot see their own reflections in mirrors. Have you ever wondered why that is? Redditor u/Everythingisachoice believes that it's because mirrors backed with silver cause the vampires' reflections to burn up. 

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