The Funniest Vampire Parody Movies

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Put down your crosses and put away your garlic because here’s our list of the best vampire parody movies! If you’ve seen more than one vampire movie then you know that the strict rules that must be applied to these creatures of the night are a bit ridiculous and ripe for parody and Dracula spoofs (i.e. no garlic, sunlight, etc.)! Vampires in films tend to be deadly serious characters, which is why funny vampire movie spoofs are so fun to watch!

The best parodies of vampire movies are a blast to watch because they bring so much levity to such a dark subject matter. Dare we say that the top vampire parody films give these undead creatures a bit of life to them? If these vampire spoof films show us anything, it’s that the more serious these vampires are, the funnier they are in the ridiculous situations these films put them in. Love at First Biteis not only a movie with a great pun for a title but it is also a great Jim Carrey movie. You'll find other famous actors on this list like Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum in Transylvania 6-5000.

So, please peruse our list of funny vampire spoofs, and don’t bat an eye at re-ranking the films yourself! Share the list with a friend or your familiar and see what they think about our look at these satirical vampire movies!

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