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Graveyard Shift
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What Vampire Would You Be, Based On Your Zodiac

Updated 13 Sep 2019 333.5k views12 items

Every true horror fan has lain awake at night wondering if they’re more of a Dracula or an Edward Cullen. Fortunately, the stars are even older than some of the Earth's most daunting vampires and are here to help you figure out which vampire you are according to your zodiac sign. Like ghosts and straight up creepy traits, vampires adhere to the zodiac. 

Which fictional vampire matches up with your star sign? Are you a possessive Universal Monster who only cares about establishing transatlantic real estate, or are you the kind of vampire who eternally suffers after sacrificing everything for the people you love? Once you compare your sign to these famous vampires, you’ll finally be able to rest, knowing the heart of a specific lifeless bloodsucker sits within your bones.

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