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List of Famous Bands from Vancouver

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List of Vancouver bands, listed by their level of fame. This Vancouver musicians list includes both bands and solo artists. All famous Vancouver bands are included, as well as many Vancouver musicians of underground status. This list of Vancouver musical artists includes information like what genre the artist falls under, what albums they've put out and more. If you want to know more about these famous Vancouver bands you can click on their names to learn more about them. Bands from every genre are listed here, including rock, pop, hip-hop/rap, jazz, and more.

List includes Heart, Neko Case, more.

If you're wondering, "What bands are from Vancouver?" or "What is a list of Vancouver bands?" then this list will answer your questions. {#nodes}
  • 51

    Ray Griff


    AlbumsThere'll Always Be Christmas, Songs for Everyone

    John Raymond David Griff (April 22, 1940 – March 9, 2016) was a Canadian country music singer and songwriter, born in Vancouver and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His songwriting credits reached...  more
  • 52


    Grunge, Alternative rock

    AlbumsMercedes 5 and Dime, Machine Punch Through: The Singles Collection, Creature, Silver, Breathe Remix EP

    Moist is a Canadian rock band that originally formed in 1992. It consists of David Usher as lead vocalist, Mark Makoway on lead guitars, Jonathan Gallivan on guitars, Kevin Young on keyboards,...  more
  • 53


    Rock music, Alternative rock

    AlbumsSmilin' Buddha Cabaret, Casual Viewin', Since When, Dear Dear, Trusted by Millions

    54•40 is a Canadian alternative rock group from Tsawwassen, British Columbia. The band takes their name from the slogan "Fifty-Four Forty or Fight!", coined to express the unsuccessful expansionist...  more
  • 54

    Suzie Ungerleider

    Alternative country

    AlbumsSleepy Little Sailor, Johnstown, Short Stories, Oh Susanna, Soon The Birds

    Suzanne Elizabeth Ungerleider, who writes and performs under the name Oh Susanna, is an American-Canadian alternative country singer-songwriter from Vancouver, British Columbia, currently based in...  more
  • 55

    Cory Lee

    Pop music, Contemporary R&B

    AlbumsSinful Innocence, What a Difference a Day Makes, The Naughty Song, Remix Collection

    Cory Lee (born as Cory Lee Urhahn) is a Canadian singer-songwriter and actress. She is most noted for playing the role of Karma in the television series Instant Star, and Miss Oh on Degrassi: The...  more
  • 56

    Elise Estrada

    Hip hop music, Pop music

    AlbumsElise Estrada, Here Kitty Kittee

    Elise Estrada (born July 30, 1987) is a Filipino-Canadian pop singer-songwriter and actress. She is known for her hit singles released in Canada such as "Insatiable", "One Last Time" and...  more
  • 57

    Holly McNarland

    Holly McNarland (born October 23, 1975) is a Canadian musician, singer and songwriter. She collaborated with Matthew Good on the song "Flight Recorder From Viking 7" from the album Loser Anthems as...  more
  • 58


    Hip hop music

    AlbumsCash Crop, Global Warning, Reloaded, Really Livin’, Top of the World

    The Rascalz are a Canadian hip-hop group from Vancouver, British Columbia, who played a crucial role in the artistic and commercial development of Canadian hip hop. The group consists of emcees Red1...  more
  • 59

    The Canadian Sweethearts

    Rockabilly, Country

    AlbumsIntroducing the Canadian Sweethearts

    The Canadian Sweethearts were a Canadian singing duo, who were popular during the 1960s, but disbanded in 1977. The duo consisted of vocalist Lucille Starr, and her guitar playing husband, Bob Regan....  more
  • 60

    Real McKenzies

    Celtic punk, Punk rock

    Albums10,000 Shots, Oot & Aboot, Clash of the Tartans, The Real McKenzies

    The Real McKenzies is a Canadian Celtic punk band founded in 1992 and based in Vancouver, British Columbia. They are one of the founders of the Celtic punk movement, albeit 10 years after The...  more
  • 61

    Black Mountain

    Neo-progressive rock, Space rock

    AlbumsBlack Mountain, In the Future, Wilderness Heart, Year Zero: The Original Soundtrack, Druganaut

    Black Mountain is a Canadian rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia. The band is composed of Stephen McBean, Amber Webber, Matt Camirand, Jeremy Schmidt and Joshua Wells....  more

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    The Poppy Family

    Psychedelic pop

    AlbumsA Good Thing Lost: 1968-1973, Which Way You Goin' Billy?, The Poppy Family's Greatest Hits (Featuring Susan Jacks), Poppy Seeds

    The Poppy Family were a successful Canadian pop music group, based in Vancouver, British Columbia. They were popular worldwide in the late 1960s and 1970s....  more
  • 63

    Nardwuar the Human Serviette

    Garage punk, Garage rock
    John Ruskin (born July 5, 1968), better known as Nardwuar the Human Serviette, or simply Nardwuar, is a Canadian interviewer and musician from Vancouver, British Columbia. He is the lead singer and...  more
  • 64

    Sweeney Todd

    Rock music, Glam rock

    AlbumsSweeney Todd, If Wishes Were Horses, Roxy Roller

    Sweeney Todd is a Canadian glam rock band formed in Vancouver in 1975. The band's original lead vocalist Nick Gilder left the band to start a solo career, and was replaced by a young Bryan Adams, who...  more
  • 65

    Farmer's Daughter


    AlbumsThis Is the Life, Makin' Hay, Girls Will Be Girls, Best of Farmer's Daughter

    Farmer's Daughter is a Canadian country music group. Farmer's Daughter recorded three studio albums and charted sixteen singles on the Canadian country music charts. Their highest charting single was...  more
  • 66

    Left Spine Down

    Industrial metal, Electronic music

    AlbumsSmartbomb, Smartbomb 2.3: The Underground Mixes, Voltage 2.3: Remixed & Revisited, Fighting for Voltage, Caution

    Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Left Spine Down is a band that plays what they call "cyberpunk," a mixture of electronica, metal, punk, and drum & bass which can be described as some kind of digital...  more
  • 67

    Norman Nawrocki

    Klezmer, Spoken word

    AlbumsDuck Work, letters from Poland

    Norman Nawrocki (born in Vancouver, British Columbia), is a Montreal-based comedian, sex educator, cabaret artist, musician, author, actor, producer and composer. Nawrocki together with Sylvain Côté...  more
  • 68

    Barney Bentall and the Legendary Hearts

    Rock music

    AlbumsGreatest Hits - 1986-1996, Till Tomorrow, Gin Palace, Lonely Avenue, Barney Bentall and the Legendary Hearts

    Barney Bentall and the Legendary Hearts are a Canadian rock band, based out of Vancouver that formed in 1980. The band's name was taken from the title of Lou Reed's 1983 album....  more
  • 69

    Idle Eyes

    Pop music, Rock music

    AlbumsAt the Edge, Idle Eyes

    Idle Eyes is a Canadian rock and roll band from Vancouver, British Columbia. They are best known for the Canadian hit single "Tokyo Rose", which peaked at #16 on RPM's Canadian singles chart in June...  more
  • 70

    West End Girls

    Pop music, Rhythm and blues

    AlbumsI Want You Back, Show Me The Way, West End Girls, Pure (You're Touching Me), R U Sexin' Me

    West End Girls were a Canadian pop band and girl group formed in 1990 in Vancouver....  more
  • 71


    Rock music, Folk rock

    AlbumsStabilo Boss, Happiness & Disaster, Cupid?, Kitchen Sessions, The Beautiful Madness EP

    Stabilo are a Canadian rock band from Maple Ridge, British Columbia. They formed in 1999 and are best known for their songs "Everybody", "One More Pill", "Don't Look In Their Eyes", "Flawed Design",...  more
  • 72



    AlbumsNumb, Wasted Sky, Blood Meridian, Language of Silence, Blue Light

    Numb is a Canadian electro-industrial band that is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada....  more
  • 73


    Alternative rock

    AlbumsBellaclava, Limblifter, I/O, Screwed It Up

    Limblifter is a Canadian alternative rock group from Vancouver, formed in 1996....  more
  • 74

    Strange Advance

    New Wave, Electronic music

    Albums2WO, Over 60 Minutes With..., Worlds Away & Back, The Distance Between, Worlds Away

    Strange Advance was a Canadian new wave band formed in 1982 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. They were nominated for a 1983 Juno Award as Most Promising Group of the Year and again in 1985 as...  more
  • 75

    Sweatshop Union

    Hip hop music

    AlbumsNatural Progression, United We Fall, Water Street, Local 604, Infinite

    Sweatshop Union is a Canadian hip hop collective formed in 2000 in Vancouver, when four politically minded rap acts—Dirty Circus, Pigeon Hole, Kyprios and Innocent Bystander —came together to produce...  more

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