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TV Actors from Vancouver

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List RulesOnly TV actors who were born or grew up in Vancouver.

List of famous television actors/actresses who were born in Vancouver, with photos when available. These renowned Vancouver actors and actresses are listed by popularity, so the names at the top of the list will be the most recognizable. A few of these actors may not have technically been born in Vancouver, but everyone on this list grew up in Vancouver and considers it to be their home. This list includes Vancouver TV actors from every type of show, including cartoons where they might have done voice over work. If you grew up in Vancouver then you should be proud of these television actors whose birthplace is Vancouver. Various bits of information are available for these Vancouver celebrities as well, such as what year they were born and what shows they are known for.

List features TV actors like Pamela Anderson, Kristin Kreuk, and many more

This list answers the questions, "Which TV actors are from Vancouver?" and "Who are the most famous Vancouver actors?"
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    Tabitha St. Germain

    My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Ed

    BirthplaceBoston, Massachusetts, USA

    NationalityCanada, United States of America

    Tabitha St. Germain, known as Tabitha or Kitanou St. Germain, is an American-Canadian actress,...  more
  • 2

    Ian James Corlett

    Beast Wars: Transformers, ReBoot

    BirthplaceBurnaby, Canada


    Ian James Corlett (born August 29, 1962) is a Canadian voice actor, producer, and author. He...  more
  • 3

    Michael Donovan

    ReBoot, The Incredible Hulk

    BirthplaceVancouver, Canada


    Michael David Donovan (born June 12, 1953) is a Canadian voice actor and director known for...  more
  • Chiara Zanni4

    Chiara Zanni

    Kid vs. Kat, Baby Looney Tunes

    BirthplaceVancouver, Canada


    Chiara Zanni (; born July 19, 1978) is a Canadian actress, comedian, singer and voice actress....  more
  • Kristin Kreuk5

    Kristin Kreuk

    Smallville, Beauty & the Beast

    BirthplaceVancouver, Canada


    Kristin Laura Kreuk (; born December 30, 1982) is a Canadian actress. Debuting on Canadian...  more

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  • Erica Cerra6

    Erica Cerra

    Eureka, Cold Squad

    BirthplaceVancouver, Canada


    Erica Cerra (born October 31, 1979) is a Canadian actress, best known for her portrayal of...  more

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    Don Francks

    Inspector Gadget, Beetlejuice

    BirthplaceBurnaby, Canada


    Donald Harvey Francks (28 February 1932 – 3 April 2016), also known as Iron Buffalo, was a...  more
  • Josh Charles8

    Josh Charles

    The Good Wife, Sports Night

    BirthplaceBaltimore, USA, Maryland

    NationalityUnited States of America

    Joshua Aaron Charles (born September 15, 1971) is an American actor. He is best known for the...  more

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  • Emmanuelle Vaugier9

    Emmanuelle Vaugier

    Two and a Half Men, CSI: NY

    BirthplaceVancouver, Canada


    Emmanuelle Frederique Vaugier (, voh-zhee-AY; born June 23, 1976) is a Canadian film and...  more

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  • Jason Priestley10

    Jason Priestley

    Beverly Hills, 90210

    BirthplaceVancouver, Canada

    NationalityCanada, United States of America

    Jason Bradford Priestley (born August 28, 1969) is a Canadian/American actor and director. He...  more

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  • Ryan Reynolds11

    Ryan Reynolds

    Two Guys and a Girl, The John Larroquette Show

    BirthplaceVancouver, Canada


    Ryan Rodney Reynolds (born October 23, 1976) is a Canadian-American actor, comedian, film...  more

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  • Andrew Francis12

    Andrew Francis

    Tin Man, Sabrina: The Animated Series

    BirthplaceVancouver, Canada


    Andrew Michael Scott Francis (born May 27, 1985) is a Canadian actor and voice actor, from...  more

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  • Brad Swaile13

    Brad Swaile

    My Little Pony, X-Men: Evolution

    BirthplaceVancouver, Canada


    Brad Swaile is a Canadian voice actor. His major roles include Rock in Black Lagoon, Light...  more
  • 14

    Mark Hildreth

    V, Resurrection

    BirthplaceVancouver, Canada


    Mark Hildreth (born January 24, 1978) is a Canadian actor and musician, appearing in movie and...  more
  • Mercedes McNab15

    BirthplaceVancouver, Canada


    Mercedes Alicia McNab (born March 14, 1980 in Vancouver, British Columbia) is a Canadian...  more

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  • Alessandro Juliani16

    Alessandro Juliani

    Battlestar Galactica, Captain N: The Game Master

    BirthplaceVancouver, Canada


    Alessandro Juliani (born July 6, 1975) is a Canadian actor and singer. He is notable for...  more
  • Jessica Lowndes17

    Jessica Lowndes

    90210, Masters of Horror

    BirthplaceVancouver, Canada


    Jessica Lowndes (; born November 8, 1988) is a Canadian actress and singer-songwriter. She is...  more
  • Saffron Henderson18

    Saffron Henderson

    Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation, Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens

    BirthplaceVancouver, Canada


    Saffron Henderson (born December 27, 1967) is a Canadian voice actress, actress and singer who...  more
  • Cobie Smulders19

    Cobie Smulders

    How I Met Your Mother, Tru Calling

    BirthplaceVancouver, Canada


    Jacoba Francisca Maria Smulders (born April 3, 1982) is a Canadian actress and model. She is...  more

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  • Robert Ito20

    Robert Ito

    Darkwing Duck, Quincy

    BirthplaceVancouver, Canada


    Robert Ito (born July 2, 1931) is a Canadian film and television actor and voice-over artist...  more
  • 21

    Chantal Strand

    Wonder Showzen, Dragon Tales

    BirthplaceVancouver, Canada


    Chantal Strand (born October 15, 1987) is a Canadian voice actress, actress, singer, stunt...  more
  • Laura Harris22

    Laura Harris

    24, Dead Like Me

    BirthplaceVancouver, Canada


    Laura Elizabeth Harris (born November 20, 1976) is a Canadian actress....  more
  • Bill Switzer23

    Bill Switzer

    Sabrina: The Animated Series, Mummies Alive!

    BirthplaceVancouver, Canada


    William Ashton Switzer (born March 28, 1984) is an American-Canadian voice actor. He is known...  more
  • Chelsea Hobbs24

    Chelsea Hobbs

    Make It Or Break It, Pasadena

    BirthplaceVancouver, Canada


    Chelsea Hobbs (born February 18, 1985) is a Canadian actress. She is known for roles such as...  more
  • Carly Pope25

    Carly Pope

    Popular, 10.5: Apocalypse

    BirthplaceVancouver, Canada

    NationalityCanada, Italy

    Carly Pope (born August 28, 1980) is a Canadian actress. She is best known for her roles on...  more