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25 Awe-Inspiring Photos From Inside The Vatican

Updated May 31, 2017 46.0k views25 items

Admit it: there's something inherently mysterious about the city-country-epicenter-of-Catholicism Vatican City. Because of this mystery, there's also something inherently interesting about photographs inside the Vatican. From royal and presidential visitors to countless, inestimably valuable artifacts to the state funerals of Popes, Vatican City is ground zero for the Catholic faith. It's the Biblical site of St. Peter's martyrdom, the rock upon which the church was to be built.

This list pulls together a wide array of pictures taken inside Vatican City, and it documents some of the major architectural and restorative changes that the city has experienced since the advent of photography – from the first mailbox installed inside the city to the computer imaging used to restore Michelangelo's work inside the Sistine Chapel.

  • A Look Inside The Vatican's Hall Of Statues, 1880

    Photo: Michael Maslan / Getty Images
    • Tourist Photo Of St. Peter's Square, 1910

      Photo: Kirn Vintage Stock / Getty Images
      • Pope John Paul I Lying In State In The Vatican's Clementine Chapel, 1978

        Photo: Hulton Deutsch / Getty Images
        • Michelangelo's Piet In The Vatican's Laboratory Of Restoration, 1972

          Photo: Vittoriano Rastelli / Getty Images