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A Woman Swaps Out Her Roommate's Food For Vegan Alternatives And Ends Up Charged With A Felony

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"No good deed goes unpunished."

Such is the case of Redditor u/throw_onceuponatime, who shared a story about a college roommate bearing gifts, and in this case, a lovely dinner. But when the roommate's secret agenda becomes a life threatening issue, all hell breaks loose. In this Am I The A**hole thread, the woman asks the internet if it was fair to destroy her former roommate's future because she almost killed her.

Here is the story:

  • It All Started Friendly Enough When A New Roommate Moved In

    "I was 20 and in college. I was living with my two best friends. One of them was moving out so that she could move in with her boyfriend. I placed an ad looking for another roommate.

    That's how I met Erin. Before she moved in she informed me that she was vegetarian but she wouldn't have a problem if other roommates weren't. She moved into our apartment a month later."

    • The New Roomie Wanted To Do Something 'Nice' For Her New Roommates By Cooking Breakfast

      "The next day after she moved in she cooked breakfast for us. I was surprised. We didn't ask her to, and by her own words 'she wanted to do something nice.'

      She had made pancakes, bacon strips, and hash browns."

      • The OP Is Deathly Allergic To Various Items, So She Asked What Was In The Meal

        "I am deathly allergic to few things.

        So, I immediately asked her what was in the food, but I didn't mention my allergies (huge mistake). She listed the ingredients and I didn't find anything I was allergic to. 

        She told me it was regular bacon, not fake bacon or that it had soy."

        • But It Turns Out She Was Lying To Prove A Point About How Soy Can 'Taste Exactly Like Meat'

          "I start eating and everything tastes a little off. I try the bacon and definitely something is wrong. At this point, she does a 'Ta-da!' and smugly told us, 'I bet it tastes exactly like meat.'"