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The 15 Most Brutal Vegeta Kills In Dragon Ball, Ranked

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When it comes to bad boys in anime you love to hate, Vegeta is the cream of the crop. He was THE villain of Dragon Ball Z. His initial match with Goku kicked off one of the greatest rivalries in anime history. It took every remaining fighters on Earth to bring him down, and even then, he had enough strength to fly away to fight another day. Even when he “joined forces” with the Z-Warriors to take down the unstoppable Frieza, he was still a ruthless fighter to the bitter end. There’s no denying that as Vegeta rebuilt his life on Earth with Bulma and his son Trunks, his heart softened throughout the show, but he never lost that awesome edge that made everyone love him since day one. 

Whether you loved him as a barbaric villain or a wicked anti-hero, there’s no denying the prince of all Saiyans was behind the most brutal kills in Dragon Ball Z, as well as the most epic scenes in the series run. Just take a look at Vegeta’s most merciless beatdowns against the greatest villains in Dragon Ball Z. If you need more Vegeta love, take a look at his best quotes from the show.    

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    Pui Pui

    Among the great villains in Dragon Ball Z, Pui Pui is rarely spoken of. That’s probably because of the humiliating beatdown he suffered from Vegeta in the Babidi Saga. After winning a game of rock-paper-scissors against Goku and Gohan, Vegeta had the honor of being the first to go up against Babidi’s minions. While initially cocky, Pui Pui is easily overwhelmed by Vegeta’s power. Not even being transported to his home planet of 10 times gravity was enough of an advantage for Pui Pui, since Vegeta has trained in 500 times gravity on Earth. An energy blast through the chest puts an end to Pui Pui for good. 

  • Dodoria, the pink-skinned brute who’s named after the durian fruit, was another one of Freiza’s henchmen who met their end by Vegeta. During the Namek Saga, Dodoria was chasing Dende, Gohan, and Krillin for interrupting Freiza’s deadly interrogation of the Namek people. After Dodoria falsely believed he finished off the intruders, Vegeta launched a sneak attack and knocked him straight into the waters below. Just like Cui, Dodoria thought he could easily finish off Vegeta, before realizing the newfound power of the Saiyan Prince. Although he tried to buy himself some time by telling Vegeta the real story of planet Vegeta’s demise, it only resulted in a merciless death by an energy blast.

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    While Vegeta and Nappa’s pit stop to the planet Arlia wasn’t featured in the manga, the anime-only story gave viewers a taste of the Saiyan duo’s cruelty. (Also, an Arlian appeared in the manga adaptation of Resurrection F. So, the story wasn’t for not). In the original anime filler, Vegeta and Nappa easily overthrew an evil Arlian dictator and unintentionally reunited two star-crossed bug lovers in the process. As the Arlians celebrate their newfound freedom, Vegeta obliterated their planet for being too poor in condition to sell. Vaporizing an entire race of bug creatures was bad enough, but Vegeta doing it as the two Arlian love birds were about to embrace just made the heartless moment all the more cruel. 

  • Among the many great callbacks to the Freiza Saga in Ressurection F, the return of Captain Ginyu was a pleasant surprise. Originally trapped inside the body of a Namekian frog, Captain Ginyu switches bodies with Tagoma after tricking him into using the Body Change move. When Goku and Vegeta confront Freiza and his army, Captain Ginyu barges in to swear his revenge against the Saiyan duo. Seconds after, Vegeta swiftly kills the once proud leader of the Ginyu Force with an energy blast.