Dark And Interesting 'Scooby-Doo' Fan Theories About Velma And Daphne

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Velma and Daphne are integral parts of the Mystery Gang but like all the characters, a lot of their backstories remain a mystery. These fan theories manage to be both interesting and dark enough to make you wonder even more about what the characters were doing off-screen.

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    Velma Is The Poorest Person In A Group Of Friends That Come From Money

    From Redditor u/Ryborg6900:

    It could be that they all grew up in upper and upper-middle class homes. If I remember correctly: ‘Shaggy’ Norbert Rogers comes from a long line of royalty, including his Uncle Shagworthy, who is a multimillionaire, Daphne Blake lives in an actual mansion with her sisters, Fred (forgot his last name) is definitely from an upper-class family, as his father owns several yachts and he also lives in a bigger house, and Velma Dinkley is actually the poorest of them all, living in a two story house with a full front and back yard.

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    Velma Got A Job At NASA

    From Redditor u/NoirPochette:

    I don't buy that Fred became a writer. My theory is that he became a professional baseball player in the MLB. Velma working at NASA is fine.

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    Velma Was An Antiwar Protestor Who Joined The Gang Because They Were Draft Dodgers

    From Redditor u/Toxicguy90:

    So the theory is that the show(s) that place when they where originally created in the '60s. Fred went to a military school or he otherwise was drafted. Not wanting to die he went AWOL. The theory believes that Daphne was high school sweetheart and may played a role in convincing him to do so. Once he does AWOL she travels with him. A some point they meet Shaggy and Scooby who are hippies and antiwar. They join together and use Shaggy's van and head towards Canada, Fred driving and forming a connection with the van due to him worrying that Shaggy's high driving would get them pulled over. Eventually, they meet up with Velma who is antiwar actives and says she can help them to Canada. Thus, their adventures being them getting lost on the way to Canada.

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    Daphne, Velma, And Fred Are Ghosts Helping Shaggy And Scooby

    From Redditor u/theyusedthelamppost:

    Velma, Fred and Daphne are ghosts. Those three died back in the 1960's, which is whey they still have the dress/mannerisms of that period. Shaggy and Scooby are alive. They are just high all the time and don't know the difference between ghosts and hallucinations. They don't realize that their friends are ghosts. This is exactly why the three ghosts chose targeted them as business partners. They need a living person to interface for the business. They appeared to Shaggy during an acid trip.

    Read the full theory here.

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    Velma Is Exploiting Daphne's Wealth

    From Redditor u/rdendi1:

    In A Pup Named Scooby-Doo we are introduced to Scooby and the gang as children and learn a little more into the back story of '70s era teens hunting ghost stories for, I don't know, fame? In APNSD, The Gang begins their career as the most gullible and luckiest ghost hunters of all time. We learn the Daphne Blake's family is incredibly wealthy and her father routinely supplies The Gang with equipment to aid them in their paranormal sleuthing. This is where Velma began exploiting her airhead friend and her family. When we get to SDWAY, The Gang has grown up into a group of late-teens who travel the country hunting ghosts and monsters. Many times the teens are simply out enjoying life, being kids who are dirty hippies, living off of Daphne's father's wealth because when they were children they successfully foiled a few cartoon level hijinks as well as falsely accuse a child named ‘The Red Herring’ 29 times (he was the bad guy, once, but he was doing it to help his elderly aunt). The monsters ALWAYS seem to find them. Why?

    Because the monsters aren't real. They are always people, yet, the gang never plays off the haunting as a rouse. They have adopted an attitude of ‘monster until proven Mr. Carswell.’ Velma needs there to always be a monster, how else will she milk Daphne for her trust fund? A simple search of public records and Velma was able to identify the next farm to be foreclosed, recent will grants and land transactions, and easily identify a local who would be willing to don a mask and scare some kids to A) get back at the town and B) increase their own savings courtesy of Mr. Blake.

    Read the full theory here.

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    Daphne Can't Stand Shaggy

    From Redditor u/NoirPochette:

    I got no theories except that Googie dumped Shaggy's ss once she couldn't deal with his shit despite Scrappy and Scooby trying to keep her around. Daphne was also sick of Shaggy's sht (ergo no Daph in the TV movies) and went to do her own thing and save herself from her fashion issues.

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