Venom’s Life Has Gotten Pretty Darn Weird In The Last Few Years

When someone asks, “What’s happening with Venom in Marvel Comics?” they might be talking about any number of earthly individuals - Eddie Brock, Mac Gargan, Flash Thompson, or even Angelo Fortunato - but they’d be wrong to do so. Each of those people has served as the host of the most famous symbiote in comics at one point or another, but Venom is the name of the alien costume itself - and it’s been on a wild ride for the last decade of its comic book adventures.

No matter which character is wearing the Venom symbiote, certain attributes remain the same: the black-and-white color scheme, the inherited Spider-powers, and an occasional desire to eat brains. The identity of the person underneath the suit matters, however, and different hosts have taken Venom to some rather extreme destinations in recent years - and into some situations that would have previously seemed unimaginable for the breakout antihero of the '90s.