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15 Fan Theories About Venom That Are Wild Enough To Be True

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The Spider-Man universe has a lot of characters and the majority of them are bad guys. Our beloved web-slinger has gone toe-to-toe with so many villains over the years, but Venom will always stick out to us. One of fandoms' favorite past-times is coming up with fan theories, and when it comes to Marvel characters, there are certainly a lot of them. From unanswered questions to character quirks, we managed to round up some of the most interesting fan theories surrounding the symbiote and its human hosts. Which fan theory do you think is the most believable?

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    Venom From 'Spider-Man 3' Can Talk To Its Host Just Like In 'Venom'

    From Redditor u/DaOldDude69:

    The symbiote was giving Peter not only raw strength (apparently) but also "advice." Thats why Peter was sooo out of character. Just like in 2018's Venom where the symbiote was able to talk to Eddie and even control him to some extent, Raimiverse Venom has the same ability. So basically "thanks hot legs" and "now dig on this" were all whispered by Venom to Peter as "cool" one-liners that Peter would have never thaught of. Just to correct it: Venom "suggested" Peter all the out of character phrases.

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    The Human Test Subjects Who Reached Symbiosis Were Suicidal

    From Redditor u/bigdaddyj100:

    All of the symbiotic beings act on the human counterparts deepest desires and impulses, so while in the lab the test subjects such as Isaac did actually reach symbiosis, their deepest desire at that time was that they wanted to die, most likely due to the poor living conditions. I say this due to the fact that they all looked malnourished and are locked in cages from the moment they are captured until “bonding time.”

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    The Symbiote Is A Lifeform That Evolved On A Planet Made Of Vibranium

    Photo: Spider-Man 3 / Sony Pictures Releasing

    From Redditor u/NealKenneth:

    It came from space. Much like the asteroid that crashed in Wakanda millions of years ago, the symbiote is shown to be extraterrestrial. The symbiote and vibranium share an oddly specific weakness - sound waves at a specific frequency are intolerable. This was a central plot detail during the climax of both Black Panther and Venom. Much tougher than a carbon-based lifeform. Much like Captain America's shield, bullets have very little effect on Venom. The symbiote also increases strength far beyond an animal of a comparable size. It's so metal. Certain symbiotes are able to create metallic appendages in the shape of axes or blades. A strong material like vibranium would be needed to make these weapons viable within that limited mass.

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    Venom Will Be Introduced Into The MCU Multiverse Of Madness

    Photo: Spider-Man 3 / Sony Pictures Releasing

    From Redditor u/TheBoss142356:

    Venom will be introduced into the MCU multiverse of madness. I think that Multiverse of Madness would be a great time to intruduce Venom into the MCU because Venom is in a different universe, so you could introduce him with the Multiverse with ease.

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