60+ Celebrities With Cancer In Venus

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Only celebrities whose Venus is in Cancer.

There are many big name Cancer Venus celebrities. Angelina Jolie,  Keanu Reeves, and Chris Evans are just a few of the Venus in Cancer celebrities. Reading your natal chart can help with understanding things like compatibility and style to how a Venus in Cancer acts in love. Venus in Cancer men and women are affectionate, caring, nurturing, and deeply sensitive. As far as the Venus in Cancer woman appearance, they often have sensitive eyes and luminous skin. 

Venus in Cancer fashion is often feminine, nostalgic, and soft, with a palette of grays, pinks, and silvers. In astrology, Venus in Cancer people are highly attached, and love closeness with friends and in romantic relationships. For the Venus in Cancer woman, beauty comes with a side of danger, as their style is very femme fatale-inspired. That seems to ring true for Zendaya, who is a Venus in Cancer woman. Another Venus Cancer woman is Halle Berry. Another man with Venus in Cancer is Ben Affleck. 

Learn more about the Venus in Cancer men and women below, including their sun, moon, and rising signs.

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