Venus In Leo Celebrities

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Only celebrities whose Venus is in Leo.

There are many big name Leo Venus celebrities. Nicole Kidman, Michael Jackson, and Selena Gomez are just a few of the Venus in Leo celebrities. What is the Venus in Leo meaning? Venus in Leo women and men are typically generous with their loved ones, but also require respect and appreciation. Venus in Leo people naturally command attention, and are typically the life of the party, so it makes sense there would be so many Venus in Leo celebrities. 

Venus in Leo fashion often includes warm colors, but gold in particular. Those with Venus in Leo may choose outfits considered over the top and/or luxurious. The Venus in Leo appearance often features big hair. Amy Winehouse is an example of a Venus in Leo woman, and her large hair was her signature. Another famous Venus in Leo person is Marion Cotillard. A famous Venus in Leo male is Benedict Cumberbatch. The Marvel star is a Cancer with Venus in Leo.

Learn more about the Venus in Leo men and women below, including their sun, moon, and rising signs.

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