Graveyard Shift

Numerous People Disappeared In Vermont's Bennington Triangle - No One Knows Why

The verdant stretch of woodlands around Glastenbury Mountain in Vermont is deceptively serene. The area boasts legends about dangerous creatures, reports of strange floating lights, and stories involving people who disappeared without a trace. These baffling disappearances and inexplicable sightings inspired folklorist Joseph A. Citro to nickname it the Bennington Triangle, borrowing from the Bermuda Triangle, another epicenter of mass disappearances and weird phenomena. 

The Bennington Triangle, which centers on Glastenbury Mountain and includes the city of Bennington and the ghost towns of Glastenbury and Somerset, is known for five disappearances that took place from 1945 to 1950. Of those five people, authorities recovered the body of just one.

People have suggested numerous explanations for the disappearances and other strange goings-on that have cemented Bennington's reputation for the bizarre. One theory holds an escaped murderer killed the missing people. Others claim reality in the Bennington Triangle is a little unstable. Whatever the cause, if you're planning a hiking trip in southern Vermont, be on the lookout - and don't wear red.