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All The Insanely Famous People Who Guest Starred On Veronica Mars

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When it comes to picking your favorite, there is certainly no shortage of Veronica Mars guest stars to choose from. During her time at both Neptune High and Hearst College, Veronica made her fair share of friends and enemies. Her clientele ranged from wronged classmates to full-fledged adults in desperate need of help - and the show always knew just how to bring out the best in each star who made a special appearance. Some of them even went on to star in other shows like Veronica Mars!

Sure, you probably remember series regulars like Max Greenfield or Krysten Ritter who have since become popular and beloved TV stars. But some Veronica Mars cameos made by big stars were so small that they might have completely slipped your mind. Jessica Chastain, Aaron Paul, and Paul Rudd all guest starred on the cult series. Jamie Chung had a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it type of role, while Joss Whedon graced the screen for a couple of minutes and caused Buffy fans everywhere to rejoice. And that's only the beginning.

Ready to take a walk down memory lane? Here are all the famous people you forgot guest starred on Veronica Mars