21 Things You Didn't Know About Veronica Mars

A long time ago, we were obsessed with a little show called Veronica Mars. Created by Rob Thomas, the gritty teen drama aired from 2004 to 2007, first on UPN, then on the CW. After it was cancelled, Thomas wrote a movie script that would provide longtime viewers with some closure, but Warner Bros. decided not to fund the project. Leave it to the fans to chip in! Following an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign, the Veronica Mars movie was released in 2014, with most of the cast returning for the reunion. 

The series had a lot going for it. Veronica, portrayed by Kristen Bell, was smart, tough, resourceful - all in all, a pretty amazing role model. Her relationship with her father was heartwarming, while her love story with Logan was, as he so succinctly puts it at one point, epic. The dialogue was extremely well-written and the mysteries always gave the show a bit of an edge. Plus, the fact that Veronica had to deal with both adult problems and high school drama only made the show more layered and interesting. There’s no wonder that even now, more than 10 years after the premiere, we’re still re-watching this teen noir drama every chance we get. On the off chance you need a shake up, make sure to check out these other shows like Veronica Mars!

When it comes to Veronica Mars trivia, fans are pretty well-versed in everything Neptune. But did you know that Jason Dohring actually read for the role of Duncan? Or that Veronica was initially supposed to be a guy? Creator Rob Thomas and the cast released plenty of juicy Veronica Mars facts along the years, so we decided to round up the most interesting behind-the-scenes tidbits. Check out these 21 things you didn't know about Veronica Mars and see which little-known facts surprise you the most. 


  • Kristen Bell was the first to audition for the role of Veronica.

    Kristen Bell was the first to audition for the role of Veronica.
    Photo: UPN

    Kristen Bell was the first one to audition for the role of Veronica, and Rob Thomas admitted at PaleyFest 2014 that she totally blew his mind. Approximately 100 girls read for the part, but none was as perfect for the role as Bell. And we couldn’t imagine it otherwise.

    Fun fact: Amanda Seyfried and Alona Tal also auditioned for the main part. They were eventually cast as Lilly Kane and Meg Manning.     
  • Jason Dohring auditioned to play Duncan.

    Jason Dohring auditioned to play Duncan.
    Photo: UPN
    How weird is it to imagine the show with anyone else playing Neptune’s bad boy? And yet, Dohring initially read for the role of Duncan, which went to Teddy Dunn. We’re in no way complaining.  
  • Veronica was supposed to be a dude.

    Veronica was supposed to be a dude.
    Photo: UPN
    Veronica Mars started out as a book written by creator Rob Thomas and featuring a male protagonist. We’re glad he decided to switch it up for the TV series.
  • The show was mostly shot in San Diego.

    The show was mostly shot in San Diego.
    Photo: UPN
    Neptune High was, in fact, Oceanside High School. "It's a seaside town that still feels like middle-class people live there," producer Paul Kurta told the San Diego Tribune back when the pilot was shot.