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If money was no object, what would you buy? A private jet? A mansion? Diamonds and jewels? A lifetime supply of Bagel Bites?

There are a ton of exorbitantly expensive items out there for people to buy. And if you're in the market to live it up with a lavish lifestyle, we've got quite the list for you! Here you'll find the most expensive luxuries people can buy today. There's no tightening the purse strings on these items, because the makers of these products are charging millions. From diamond-encrusted laptops to a suit made out of precious gems, we've put together a list of some of the priciest things that money can buy. 

If you can afford to splurge on any of these luxuries, hats off to you! Let us know in the comment section what items you would buy if you were wealthier than Oprah and Bill Gates combined. 
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A Waterslide in Your Closet

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Are you often bored by the long walk to the pool after changing into your bathing suit? For $2 million, you could have a waterslide installed in your closet that leads to an underground swimming pool beneath your house! 
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The Luxema 800 Spa

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This two-story spa features a flatscreen TV and it's own private bar. You're paying $26k for this stunning oasis, complete with 125 jets, 9 water pumps, and a built-in sauna. The bar only seats 6 of your closest, richest, friends, so choose wisely.
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MWE Emperor 200 WorkStation

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This website boasts that the MWE Emperor 200 WorkStation is "the ideal way to have your adrenaline-soaked kid spend some 'quality' hours busy with technology, instead of having them jump around on your expensive furniture." Translation: your undiagnosed ADHD child will finally leave you in peace if you buy this $45,000 gaming station for him.   

It comes with ergonomic leather seats, three 24" touch-screen LED monitors, motorized screen and chair adjustments, THX surround sound systems, and LED lighting. Bonus: if your unruly, hyperactive child is also a habitual chainsmoker, there's a built-in air-filter to accommodate nicotine and tobacco lovers alike. 
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This Scuba-Friendly Swimming Pool and Grotto

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"The Mountain" is a $2,000,000 swimming pool, complete with a 300 foot lazy river, a 26 foot deep scuba diving pool, a water slide, five waterfalls and diving rocks, geyser fountains, and a hidden grotto. The interior of the cave even contains a fully-functioning kitchen with an eight burner grill, and a bathroom/changing room for guests.

The pool itself is about the size of four school buses placed end-to-end.   

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