The Most Embarrassing Public Breakups That You Should Probably Learn From

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It's a harsh fact of life that people break up. Relationships end all of the time, really. Right before the holidays seems to be a popular time to pull the ripcord. You’re saving yourself some Christmas shopping, an uncomfortable New Year’s Eve kiss... it’s pragmatic really. But even if it’s summer, people are always getting broken up with. It happens year-round and you should know that Facebook is not the place to do it (even if you caught them cheating). It's really one of the worst ways to break up with someone. Go ahead and tell your friends or change your relationship status, but actively telling the person who was nice to you for at least a small amount of time that you no longer want to be with them via Facebook is pretty brutal. Really giving someone this news in any kind of public way is pretty bad.

Here are some people who are setting a great example for exactly what not to do when breaking up in public in front of the whole world or publicly on Facebook in front of the whole Internet. Families, hearts, and probably a bunch of teddy bears were torn apart in the events listed here. Some of these pictures you may have seen before, but you haven’t seen ALL of them, so vote the best ones up to the top. Also, please take a moment to look at all these very public/Facebook breakups and note everything you really shouldn’t be doing. Pick these people apart. Dissect their misery and let it be your science. Learn from this. 

NOTE: Oh and don’t do the “repetition” part of science where you test if this is really a bad idea. Just do the part where you learn. You know what? It’s not science. These people who broke up with each other over Facebook aren’t your new science. They are your new gospel. DO NOT BREAK UP WITH ANYONE OVER FACEBOOK. Or really in any public way. Be nice. 


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    This Sushi Guy Story Is Worth Reading

    From Redditor u/offramppinup:

    My husband and I were out to eat at an awesome sushi bar on a weekend. It is packed and we were sitting at the u-shaped sushi bar. Most people at the bar there eat omakase style (you don’t order, just tell the chef what you don’t like and he just gives you sushi and small plates until you say stop, its a social thing and you are interacting with the chef a lot so he knows what direction to go next).

    Next to us is a couple in their early 50s or so, no rings. The guy calmly tells the woman right after they sit down that he’s been cheating on her and she can deal with it or not, he doesn’t care. She understandably gets upset, but is trying not to make a scene, so she asks them to leave so they can talk in private. He says "no" and just keeps hoovering down sushi. She is crying and asks the usual questions: what did I do wrong, what do they have/do that I don’t, do you even care about me, etc. He answers her in great sexual detail why all of these other women are better than her in bed, critiques her BJ technique, tells her he doesn’t like her haircut, just awful things, in between talking to the chef about his food. By this point the both of them are oblivious to the fact that the 25 other people at the bar can all hear them and are super uncomfortable. I gather that he drove them there and she doesn’t have a phone. I put my phone on the bar and wordlessly offer it to her to call someone to come get her. She starts bawling harder and says that she can’t call anyone because they live hours away and came to the city for a romantic getaway. He shrugs and they go back to arguing.

    This goes on for about 45 minutes. He ate all her food too. When he is finally done, they pay and leave. The chef apologizes to all of us for that and pours a sake shot on the house for us. It was the most awkward dinner ever. I have no idea why the dude picked that moment to tell her this. Just before he started, they had asked us what we were having and seemed to be fine with each other.

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    Definitely Not The Type Of Thing You Save For Later

    From Redditor u/Italipinoy95:

    This couple was arguing – very loudly at that – about their problems in the relationship. Well one thing led to another and then a woman screams out:

    "Oh yeah? WELL I F*CKED YOUR DAD!"

    The poor guy didn’t even know what to say. He was so dumbfounded that he just sat there while she stormed out.

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    Bonus Lesson: Maybe No Public Proposals Either

    From Redditor u/jammy_p:

    I work at a fine dining restaurant and we always have proposals. One night, the guy at my table sneaks away to tell me he’s planning on proposing during dessert. He was really nice and super excited, so I decided to throw in some celebratory drinks and a framed picture free of charge to make the moment memorable for the couple.

    So I’m standing around the corner from the table holding two champagne flutes, chocolate-covered strawberries on a plate covered in rose petals, and a digital camera to take the picture for the frame. As I come around the corner with all my gifts, I realize they are both bawling. I’m still thinking they are tears of joy, so I start snapping some pictures, completely oblivious. It wasn’t until I asked if I could see her ring and she DECLINED (which never happens) that I recognized how mortified both of their faces were. I walked away super fast after I realized I just made a failed marriage proposal 10 times more awkward by forcing them to celebrate it.

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    If A Catherine Breaks Up With You, She Will Let LOOSE

    If A Catherine Breaks Up With You, She Will Let LOOSE
    Photo: Pinterest
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    Maybe She Was Right About Marc

    Maybe She Was Right About Marc
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    Wait Til You Get Home

    From Redditor u/TheGreatPastaWars:

    I was at the amusement park with some friends. They have a little girl, so we were in line for a kiddie ride. There was a couple right behind us, and you could hear the mom arguing with the dad about never including her in anything and how she wasn’t wanted in his life, she wasn’t important to him, etc. He was trying to hush her which only p*ssed her off more. They weren’t loud or anything and I doubt anyone outside of the people right in front of them (me) and behind them could overhear.

    Anyway, she ends up saying, "Don’t tell me to shut up. Don’t tell me anything. Don’t ever talk to me again. I’m leaving." And she left.

    I didn’t ride with my friends and their kid, but I stayed behind to take photos/video of them. Looking at the pics/video is pretty heartbreaking. You see all these happy people and then there’s the dad and his son. The son is plenty happy because he was too young to realize the significance of the fight, but the dad is sitting there holding back tears, flashing a sad smile to his son whenever he turned to look at him and going right back to depressed when his son turned away.

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