Surprising Traits You Didn't Know Were Vestigial

Have you ever had your appendix removed? Maybe your tonsils or your wisdom teeth? Well, then you've said farewell to a few vestigial organs you might have. But what are vestigial organs, really? Organs and traits that are vestigial have lost some or all of their original purpose through the process of evolution.Sometimes, these parts can even become harmful and require medical attention!

Many people believe that human vestigial organs are simply parts of us that serve no purpose at all. That's actually not entirely true. Vestigial organs and traits sometimes do have purposes, but they are either not useful anymore or the problems associated with them outweigh any advantages. Everyone's looking at you here, wisdom teeth. 

So, which of these organs and traits do you have? Some vestigial organs we still have might surprise and even disgust you.