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Veterans Share What Infuriates Them Most About Military Movies

Updated May 12, 2020 865.3k views29 items
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In a filmmakers vs. veterans truth skirmish, Hollywood would lose mightily - at least according to current and former military personnel. Military conflicts and the men and women who fight in them are a favorite subject of moviemakers, but Hollywood doesn't always get the facts right, messing up or misrepresenting basic training, uniforms (those berets), the lingo, the salutes, and sniper technique, among many other aspects of military life.

Redditors in the military are not shy about sharing what moviemakers get wrong. Dishonorable discharge for Hollywood.

  • The Chopper Chats (Talking On A Helicopter Without A Headset Is Pointless)

    From Redditor /u/Mong419:

    The casual conversations on helicopters. Whole mission briefings on the helicopter right before they land. Any talking on a helicopter without a headset.

    Helicopters are loud.

    I crew UH-60s for the Army, and I have to wear two sets of hearing protection at all times while the aircraft is operating. On the occasions where I need to talk to a passenger or someone not on a headset, I have to literally scream right into their ear from point blank range, and they still barely hear me.

    So the calm and quiet conversations I see in movies all the time really ruin my immersion.

  • Making Military Personnel Hotshots Instead Of Average People

    From Redditor /u/john_gee:

    I hate that the military is kind of a catch-all backstory for any character that is supposed to be a badass. Like, some guy spends a few years in the military and then gets out and goes back to his hometown. And he has all the training he needs to single-handedly take on his town's army of drug dealers / corrupt cops / whatever.

    I'm sure there are some special forces types that might fit that profile, but most of us get out of the military and we're really good at, like, PowerPoint and sh*t. The vast majority of the military is made up of just regular... people who went to boot camp. They might be able to knock out a few more push-ups than the average civilian, but most of us spend an average day in the military looking at screens or driving trucks or filling out paperwork, like everyone else.

  • When Actors Playing Young Military Personnel Are Way Too Old

    From a Redditor:

    Lower enlisted are predominantly YOUNG-as-f*ck looking.

    I just want to see one movie that has soldiers [ages] 18 to 21 [who] actually look like what they are representing.

  • Snipers Who Point Their Barrels Out Windows

    From Redditor /u/ThaGerm1158:

    Snipers don't stick the barrel... out the damn window. Hollywood does it so they can see and film them in a dramatic fashion.

    Exactly the opposite thing you want in actual combat.