Veterinarians Share Clear Signs When They Know Someone Is A Good Parent To Their Pet 

Amalia Halpin
March 18, 2020 1.4k votes 341 voters 9.2k views 27 items

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Pets are intuitive, but so are veterinarians and they notice everything

A Loving Dad

From Redditor u/ammabarnes:

I'll never forget (as an assistant) a big biker dude (tats, glasses, beard, sour expression the whole thing!) Kneeling down besides his cat who was getting his temperature checked, cupping its head in his hands and whispering "Oh baby, I know... Oh my little flower petal, I wouldn't like that too... Don't cry, it will be over soon"

And I absolutely melted for him!

Dude was scary to look at before that but after that I saw a whole different kind of person.

Good pet parent?
Trust Is Important

From Redditor u/DramaBrat:

I’ll never forget when a vet complimented my pet parenting abilities.

I have a very anxious cat, who obviously hated going to the vet. He would meow and hiss and tensed up whenever they touched him. I’m sure he wasn’t the meanest cat they’d ever dealt with, but he was clearly scared and unhappy.

I don’t think I did anything special that day, I just stood with him, petting him as they checked his temperature and gave him shots. I scratched his head and pet his back. Normal cat owner things.

While doing the check up, the vet turns to me and so casually says. “You’re so good with him, he trusts you so much.”

This was over five years ago and it still makes my heart warm.

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It's Hard To Let Go

From Redditor u/Royal-Light:

Not a vet but a vet tech. Maybe a controversial one, but being ready to let go when the time comes. We see it all the time; pet parents who are too scared to say goodbye and keep paying for expensive treatments which can make a pet live longer, but doesn’t improve their quality of life. I’m 100% behind putting up a fight and doing anything you can to save a pet’s life, but living in pain is very hard and a lot to ask of an animal who can’t accurately describe their pain to you.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that some people love by hanging on, and others love by letting go. It’s hard, but it’s usually the right thing to do.

Good pet parent?

From Redditor u/releasethekaren:

My vet said she could tell that we talk to our cat cus he’s very talkative. Both of our cats are chatter boxes

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