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Side-By-Side Pictures Of The Cast Of 'Vice' And The Real People They Portray 

Mick Jacobs
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A decade after Dick Cheney's term at Number One Observatory Circle, Vice (2018) tells the true yet lesser-heard story of the American politician and businessman's quest for power. When you view Vice actors versus the people they play, you'll see the makeup department spared no expenses.

Almost completely unrecognizable, Christian Bale plays former US Vice President Dick Cheney himself. Bale's extreme transformation alone deserves praise, but he is hardly the only noteworthy makeover. Sam Rockwell joins the ranks of actors who played presidents by embodying Dubya, while Tyler Perry plays faithful Secretary of State Colin Powell. Amy Adams, Steve Carell, and LisaGay Hamilton also convincingly represent other political figures of the Bush era.

Often, having actors play historical figures presents a challenge to any production, but Vice actors compared to their real-life counterparts gives history a run for its money.

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