20 Things You Didn't Know About the Vice Presidency  

Mel Judson
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This list of Vice President of the United States trivia facts features all the Vice Presidential tidbits you could ever want. This list of fun facts about what it's like to be Vice President of the USA is sure to entertain and enlighten. From the origins of the word "veep" to the official theme song of the US Vice Presidents, plus shocking VP scandals, there's all kinds of interesting info for your enjoyment. And then there's the debate over the greatest VP in history

Vice Presidents often fly under the radar. Most people don't know which US vice presidents were accused of treason, or which one hid in Cuba. And did you know that multiple VPS won Nobel Peace Prizes?

All these questions and more are answered on this fun list about the Vice President of the United States. See where Vice Presidents used to live. Find out what the US Vice Presidents make in terms of salary and how low it used to be.

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The Name "Veep" Came From Truman's VP's Son
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Not many people remember the 35th Vice President. Alben W. Barkley served under Truman from 1949 to 1953. And his grandson may have made an even greater mark on history. Barkley's grandson, Stephen M. Truitt, came up with the nickname "veep," and the press started using it. And the rest is history.

You Can Be Vice President Forever
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Photo: David Lienemann/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

For decades, presidents could serve as many terms as they wanted. Only the precedent set by George Washington limited later presidents to two terms. But after FDR, who famously won the White House four times, a Constitutional amendment limited the president to two terms. But there's no term limit for the vice president. Theoretically, someone could hold the office forever.


VPs Didn’t Even Go To Cabinet Meetings Until Woodrow Wilson
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Photo:  Obama White House/Flickr/Public Domain

Vice Presidents mostly waited around to see if the president dropped dead for the first century of American history. Other than that, they really didn't do much. It wasn't until 1913 that President Woodrow Wilson thought to invite his vice president, Thomas Marshall, to cabinet meetings. Before that, VPs were left in the dark by the chief executive, and mostly focused on their role in the legislative branch.

One VP Hid In Cuba After Being Charged With Treason
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Photo: Mathew Brady and Levin Corbin Handy/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Ever heard of John Breckinridge? He might be the most notorious VP in history, and that's including the vice president who killed someone in office (ahem, Aaron Burr). When Breckinridge was James Buchanan's VP in the 1850s, he was charged with treason. Breckinridge fled to Cuba, and his boat was attacked by pirates on the way. After years in exile, President Andrew Johnson granted the VP amnesty and he returned to the U.S.