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20 Things You Didn't Know About the Vice Presidency

Updated September 23, 2021 35.8k views20 items

This list of Vice President of the United States trivia facts features all the Vice Presidential tidbits you could ever want. This list of fun facts about what it's like to be Vice President of the USA is sure to entertain and enlighten. From the origins of the word "veep" to the official theme song of the US Vice Presidents, plus shocking VP scandals, there's all kinds of interesting info for your enjoyment. And then there's the debate over the greatest VP in history

Vice Presidents often fly under the radar. Most people don't know which US vice presidents were accused of treason, or which one hid in Cuba. And did you know that multiple VPS won Nobel Peace Prizes?

All these questions and more are answered on this fun list about the Vice President of the United States. See where Vice Presidents used to live. Find out what the US Vice Presidents make in terms of salary and how low it used to be.

  • Until 1977, Vice Presidents Were On Their Own For Housing

    Photo: U S News & World Report Collection/Thomas O'Halloran/PhotoQuest / Getty Images

    In 1977, VP Walter Mondale became the first to live in an official Vice Presidential residence. We all know Vice Presidents don’t live in the actual White House, but it’s a little-known fact that prior to Mondale, veeps were responsible for their own private accommodations.

  • The First Vice President Made $5,000

    Photo: Henry Guttmann/Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    In 2011, Vice President Joe Biden earned $230,700. Not too shabby. In 1789, however, Vice President John Adams got a measly $5,000. It was worth a lot back then, but sounds a bit crazy now.

  • According To Roosevelt, Being VP Is A “Stepping Stone” To “Oblivion”

    Photo: Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

    Theodore Roosevelt was one of many politicians, even presidents, to talk smack about the office of the Vice Presidency. As a man who once served in that very position, Roosevelt was quoted as saying of the job, “It is not a stepping stone to anything” before adding “except oblivion.”

  • Alaska And Texas Named Towns After Veeps

    Photo: Herman Brosius / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    In general, the vice presidency isn't full of the pomp and circumstance of being president. But there are some fun perks. For example, Dallas, Texas is named after George Dallas, vice president for James K. Polk from 1845 to 1849. And Fairbanks, Alaska takes its name from Vice President Charles Fairbanks, who served under President Theodore Roosevelt from 1905-1909.