Vice Presidents Who Became President

Fifteen vice presidents of the United States eventually became president. Nine ascended to the presidency due to the death of the president, either by assassination or illness. Six others were elected president after finishing their terms. In these 15 commanders in chief, you'll find some of the most heralded names in American history, including several Founding Fathers. You'll also find several presidents whose terms were distinguished only by how undistinguished they were. Many had replaced presidents who, likewise, accomplished almost nothing in their short terms in office.

One fascinating element of the list of vice presidents who became president is that most of them, themselves, didn't have vice presidents. As it was written, the Constitution didn't allow for vice presidents to be selected during a presidential term. So the eight vice presidents who became president before the passage of the 25th Amendment in 1967 had no vice president. Fortunately, none of these presidents died in office - which would have likely led to an unprecedented constitutional crisis.

Here are the 15 vice presidents who later became president of the United States, with information on how they moved into the POTUS position and other biographical details.