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12 Horrifying Kids in Marvel Comics Who Killed People in Ultra Violent Ways

Everyone knows kids are great and never amount to any trouble, especially in comics. Just kidding! Comics feature some of the most dangerous kids in any fictional universe, and this is especially true of Marvel, who have loads of dangerous kids in their comics. 

This list looks at some of the violent kids in Marvel comics, whether they fight for good or join the forces evil. Whether they can control their powers or not, some of the kids and teens in Marvel comics have body counts that rival some of the worst villains in the universe. And some of those kids are proud of that. 

Keep reading to learn more about all the kids and teenage heroes in Marvel comics, some of whom destroy the world and others of whom just destroy the Avengers.

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    Baby Killer: A 60-Year-Old Warrior in a Child's Body

    Photo: Marvel

    Because they all hail from America, the Avengers get the lion’s share of American readers' attention, but Europe has its own superhero team: EuroForce. And the best gunfighter on that team lives in a little boy's body, but actually has the mind of a 60-year-old Polish general, Mikhail Zamorska. Better known as the Baby Killer, Zamorska has been shooting people since his fingers could fit around the trigger of a gun, and no one wants to find themselves in front of his barrels.

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    Diabolique: Marvel's Evil Little Girl

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    Nobody would describe one of the worst kids in the Marvel Universe as a normal child. Diabolique, a five- or six-year-old little girl, loves silly little games - and murder. During her time in comic form, she has killed innocent people, taken apart demon lords, broken Ghost Rider, and toyed with the darkest forces in reality. Although she lusts for power, her usual modus operandi is finding a couple to be her “mommy” and “daddy” until she grows bored with them (or they throw themselves in front of a train to escape). Anyone she destroys becomes part of her Playmate, a mishmash of bodies, souls and ectoplasm that does whatever she wants. She has never been captured. She has never been defeated. She is still out there.

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    Kade Kilgore, the 12 Year Old Who Almost Destroyed the X-Men

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    The X-Men are one of Marvel’s premiere super teams, and the Hellfire Club is one of their oldest and most steadfast enemies - yet 12-year-old human Kade Kilgore took down and replaced the Hellfire Club’s Inner Circle all by himself. He also made the X-Men’s lives a living hell for a year. The first step in his grand scheme of global chaos: killing his businessman father and recruiting the most evil little kids in the world, including the youngest member of the Frankenstein family. If this kid ever decides to take villainy seriously, the Marvel Universe is in for a world of trouble.

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    Kelly and Donna Kooliq Could Destroy the Universe on a Whim

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    Kelly Kooliq was your average angsty teen who hated the world, but she had something other angsty teens didn’t: the ability to reorder reality on a whim. When a teenage bully mouthed off to her, she turned him into a tree (which was then burned to ash by another angsty superteen). She made her psychiatrist question his sanity, turned her parents into happy-go-lucky idiots, caused numerous fatal car accidents, and nearly destroyed the universe. Eventually, she gave up her powers and became a normal teen, but her little sister Donna gained the reality-warping powers instead, and immediately used the power to destroy a human life.

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