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The Victim Experience: A Horror Attraction Where You’re Taken And Terrorized

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The Victim Experience by the Freakling Bros. joins an ever-expanding list of extreme haunted houses. Much like the infamous and creepy haunted houses McKamey Manor and Blackout, the experience seeks to push participants to their psychological and physical limits. Because the experience only lasts an average of 30 minutes, this acts as a great starting point for people who wish to discover if they could withstand eight hours at McKamey Manor. To get through an experience like those put on by Freakling Bros. without using any haunted house safe words requires a ton of bravery and a willingness to submit to the unthinkable

The experience provides a personalized haunted house that completely changes annually and incorporates minor tweaks for each ticket holder. Only eight people per night may enter this haunted house in Nevada, and everyone must face their fears alone. Tickets cost $295 in 2017, but this rarely ever prevents the show from selling out almost a month in advance. Every participant must sign a waiver and a non-disclosure agreement. Despite this, previous participants leaked some of the most insane details and spoilers.   

  • The Actors Routinely Dunk Participants Underwater

    The experience views dunking as fair game, so brace your lungs for some tough moments. To make matters worse, the water in question feels ice cold, which the actors drag you to while binding your arms and legs and then putting a hood over your head. No wonder previous participants opted out by saying "purgatory" during this part of their haunt tour.

  • All Ticket Holders Have Their Shirt Stripped Off

    Regardless of your gender identity male or female, should you choose to go through the experience, you will do so without a shirt. Having a shirt ripped off by someone else marks one of the first of many psychological torments participants go through, so don't wear your nicest Nordstrom tee before going in. Women may keep their undergarments on.

  • Participants Must Crawl Towards And Lick The Boots Of A Tormentor

    Crawling while bound and shirtless sounds undoubtedly humiliating. The Freakling Bros. amp up the humiliation factor even more by forcing participants to crawl to a tormentor and lick their boots. It goes without saying these boots aren't going to be clean, either. After surviving this experience, you then must eat something one participant described as "some nasty, super hot gunk." Remember, participants cannot resist anything if they want to continue, so put yourself into Fear Factor mode and chow down. 

  • Everyone's Hands And Legs Are Bound

    Anyone who enters the experience loses most of their mobility due to the fact the actors use duct tape to bind everyone's hands and legs. You might wonder how anyone moves through the haunt with their limbs restrained, but the answer is simple - they crawl. In some instances, actors drag participants from room-to-room. Eventually, their legs get unbound, but they're unlikely to regain the full usage of their hands until the end of the show.