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The Victim Experience: A Horror Attraction Where You’re Taken And Terrorized

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The Victim Experience by the Freakling Bros. joins an ever-expanding list of extreme haunted houses. Much like the infamous and creepy haunted houses McKamey Manor and Blackout, the experience seeks to push participants to their psychological and physical limits. Because the experience only lasts an average of 30 minutes, this acts as a great starting point for people who wish to discover if they could withstand eight hours at McKamey Manor. To get through an experience like those put on by Freakling Bros. without using any haunted house safe words requires a ton of bravery and a willingness to submit to the unthinkable

The experience provides a personalized haunted house that completely changes annually and incorporates minor tweaks for each ticket holder. Only eight people per night may enter this haunted house in Nevada, and everyone must face their fears alone. Tickets cost $295 in 2017, but this rarely ever prevents the show from selling out almost a month in advance. Every participant must sign a waiver and a non-disclosure agreement. Despite this, previous participants leaked some of the most insane details and spoilers.   

  • Planners Want To Provide A Very Particular Experience

    At most haunts, you know understand that no danger or harm will befall you. This experience, however, guarantees you bodily harm at the very least. Owner JT Mollner created this extreme haunted house to feel like a "death camp." If the actors give a good performance, ticket holder should actually believe they will perish at any moment.

    Many critics argue the simulations are anti-feminist and glorify victim-hood. Interestingly enough, Mollner says he sees more women than men complete the entire experience.

  • Even The Actors Need A Safe Space Afterwards

    Understandably, most who go through this haunt need a bit of kindness and encouragement by the end, which the Freakling Bros. do provide, even for the actors. At the end of the experience, Mollner requires all his employees remain behind for at least one hour to decompress and discuss the night's performance. All haunt actors must also pass a background check and exhibit a sympathetic personality before becoming eligible to work for the experience. Every single second of each participant's haunt tour gets choreographed in advance to minimize actor trauma and reduce the risk of an actor going off script.  

  • If Participants Fight Back Or Resist, The Show Ends

    One of the extreme haunted house's biggest rules states that fighting back isn't allowed. Retaliation or resistance in any form can lead to the participant's immediate ejection.

  • Saying The Safe Word Releases Participants

    Once you enter the haunt, only two ways out exist: either making your way through the whole haunt, or saying the safe word. You must say the haunted house's safe word, "purgatory," if you wish to escape before completing the entire experience, a phrase many participants scream within the first five minutes. The price steadily increases each year since the haunt's debut in 2013. For example, the sold out Sepsis Doctrine featured a $295 entry fee for the 2017 season. In other words, those who bow out in five minutes spend a staggering $59 per minute.