These Victorian 'Spirit Photographs' Are Just As Eerie Today As They Were 100+ Years Ago

The Victorian era saw the rise of spiritualism, the belief that spirits of the dead could and did communicate with the living. Combined with the new technology of photography, this belief led to a lasting tradition in paranormal studies - Victorian ghost pictures. Capturing ghosts on film was a passion of the era that extended into later times, giving birth to some of the best ghost pictures. Old Victorian ghost photos have the added creepiness of being indistinct, with stern expressions and eerie shapes that make them all the more frightening.

These scary Victorian ghost photos are some of the earliest attempts to capture spirits on film. Though they might be a little rough around the edges, they mark the beginning of popular interest in reseraching the paranormal and are an important part of history. With the era's obsession with death and demonic photos, it's no surprise that these real Victorian ghost pictures have stood the test of time.