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The Creepiest Victorian Headless Photographs Ever Taken

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There was a whole lot creepy about the Victorian era. Using arsenic as a beauty tool, writing off every woman's trouble to "hysteria," and thinking that electric shocks were a technologically advanced medical tool - we've come a long way since then. And considering it was a time with such strange customs, it's not surprising that some truly creepy images emerged from that era. Plus an obsession with the new art of photography and photographic manipulation meant that suddenly Victorians could come up with new ways to immortalize themselves. And they're all pretty morbid. 

One of the biggest fads in the Victorian period was headless photography, where - you guessed it - the heads were removed from the subject and instead appeared somewhere else in the photo. It was developed by Oscar Rejlander and became a phenomena. Pretty soon it was being used by men, women, families, and even pets. Because, you know, there's nothing more adorable than a photo of your baby holding its own head. It was a weird time... 

  • This Unholy Mashup

    What fresh hell is this? Just take a minute and think about how many people approved of this idea before it happened. A lot of people thought this was a good plan. 

  • This Totally Relaxed Portrait

    "So how should I hold the head?" 


  • This Blood Curdling Nightmare of a Photo

    This guy looked creepy enough already, to be honest. 

  • This LOL a Minute

    What could make it funnier? Putting your head just slightly higher than it would normally be. That'll show them.