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The Greatest Brothers in Video Game History

Who are the greatest brothers in video games? Lots of video games hinge on sibling rivalry or familial cooperation. Whether they're government clones reunited to kick some ass, demonic hellspawn struggling to come to terms with their supernatural powers, or just a couple of hapless plumbers looking to have a good time, some of the most memorable characters in video game history are brothers.

We know we didn't have to remind you about Mario and Luigi, but what other video game brothers are worthy of recognition? Vote below on your all-time favorite brothers in video games.

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    Mario and Luigi

    Photo: Nintendo
    Luigi started off as an alternate "skin" for Mario, but eventually became his own character. They started as a 2-player system, but in later games, Mario and Luigi began to develop more unique characteristics. In Super Mario 2 Luigi was a tall, skinny character, while Mario stayed short and stocky, and there were also subtle differences in playability. In some later RPG games, as well as the cartoon, Mario and Luigi collaborate and work together, with Mario usually taking the lead and Luigi acting as a "sidekick."
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    Dante and Vergil

    Photo: Capcom
    A nod to Dante's Inferno, Vergil and Dante are supernatural twin brothers in the Devil May Cry series, born of the demon knight Sparda. Vergil, generally speaking, is the "evil" brother, embracing his demonic side and ashamed of his half-humanness, while Dante hunts and destroys demons.
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    Wario and Waluigi

    Photo: Nintendo
    It's unclear whether or not these two are actually brothers, but we added them anyways. Wario and Waluigi are the evil, alternate reality versions of Mario and Luigi. They were first introduced on GameBoy, but versions of them appear in many Mario games for different platforms. More recently, they've even starred in their own games as fully playable characters.
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    The Kong Klan

    Photo: Nintendo
    The zany Kong Klan includes all forms of interrelationships (familial and otherwise) but though not all of the Kongs are actual relatives, many of them are brothers. (Funky Kong, for example, is Donkey Kong's requisitely funky older sibling.)
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