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Ingenious Video Game Controllers Made For People With Disabilities

In the modern era, video gaming stands as one of the most popular pastimes in the world and boasts a multi-billion dollar industry. But given that video game consoles and controllers usually only come catered to able-bodied people, how do people with disabilities play video games? Thankfully, developers and innovators across the world now devise all manner of inventive video game controllers, useable by those who live with diseases like muscular dystrophy. In the same way costumes for people with disabilities let people in on the fun of Halloween, video game controllers for disabled people allow everyone in on the fun of the virtual world.

The inventive video game controllers below use unique designs and ideas to make it possible for disabled gamers to use other parts of their bodies to control the in-game action in ways that would ordinarily not be possible. You never might have considered exactly how difficult playing a game with a disability can be, but the clever and thoughtful inventors of these devices did, and they decided to ensure no one misses out on exhilarating experience video games. From apparatuses made for Rock Band to Fallout, cool video game controllers for disabled people come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, just like every gamer.