Wild Video Game Fan Theories That Will Change The Way You Play

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Video games have become one of the world's most popular forms of entertainment. The biggest releases each year can easily bring in more money than blockbuster movies or hit albums. As the video game industry has grown and expanded, so too has the propagation of wild video game fan theories become more complex. 

With increasingly more games focusing on storytelling, people have started making up crazy theories about video games to try and explain inconsistencies or unanswered questions. Although it is possible to play through popular titles without thinking too much about the plot, complex stories give players the opportunity to delve deeper into their favorite pastime. These believable video game theories prove that fans are willing to go to extreme lengths to link together their favorite franchises and uncover hidden secrets.


  • 'Limbo' Is One Boy’s Punishment For Killing His Sister
    Photo: Limbo / Playdead

    Considering the name of the game, there have been several theories that Limbo may actually be some sort of purgatory for the young boy protagonist. Seeing as how the end of the game loops back to the beginning, it almost seems like the boy is trapped in a realm of perpetual punishment. 

    One theory contends that the player-controlled character is responsible for killing his sister, and is stuck in an endless loop to pay for his crime. This explains why the other children in the game run away from the boy, and why the world is filled to the brim with violent traps and pitfalls. 

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  • One interesting detail noted in the original Pokémon games is that there seems to be a rather obvious lack of adult males in the world. The only male figures in the game are scientists, military servicemen, or gym trainers. Your own father is mysteriously absent from the story, and your rival is apparently an orphan. This, along with the large number of hospitals that can be found throughout the Kanto region, has led some to speculate that there was a devastating war that wiped out most of the world's male population. Further evidence for the theory comes from something Lt. Surge says during his gym battle. Just before he throws down, the gym leader informs the player that “electric Pokémon saved during me the war!”

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  • The fifth level of Kirby 64 sees the titular hero visit a world known as Shiver Star. In the level, Kirby travels through abandoned factories and towns, but never encounters any people. The only signs of life are the few robots and wild beasts that can be found throughout the different stages of the level.

    A quick runthrough of Shiver Star reveals that it looks remarkably like Earth. The planet has the same visible continents, and even a moon that is consistent with the one that orbits Earth. This has led some to speculate that Shiver Star could actually be a post-apocalyptic version of our own planet that froze over, killing off the human race and leaving only robots and some animals to roam the surface.

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  • Ever since the N64 release of Super Smash Bros., there have been theories that try to explain why all of these characters are able to fight each other. The most common explanation has been that the characters all exist in the imagination of a child, who is playing with toys from his favorite video games. This child is believed to be Master Hand, who is able to influence the world and control the action as he forces his toys to fight for supremacy. 

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  • The theory that Super Mario Bros. 3 is actually a stage play has been around for dozens of years. There’s plenty of convincing evidence to suggest that the characters in the game are acting. All the background art — such as the platforms and scenery — appears to be either bolted to the wall or hanging from the ceiling. Additionally, the title begins with a curtain rising, and levels finish with Mario exiting the stage.

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  • The Pokémon series rarely deals with the issue of the creatures actually dying. When a Pokémon goes down in battle, the game gingerly lets the player know that their beloved companion has "fainted." However, Pokédeath definitely still occurs, as Pokémon Red & Blue feature a cemetery dedicated entirely to the pocket monsters. This theory contends that Gary’s Raticate is killed by the player midway through the game. Following a battle on the S.S. Anne — where Gary does not have access to a Pokémon Center to heal his fighters — his Raticate seemingly disappears. The creature isn't present in any future battles, and your rival is encountered not long after at the Pokémon cemetery in Lavender Town. 

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