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Video Games Set In Hell, Ranked By How Much The Devil Would Approve

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Hell ranks high on the list of great gaming destinations, just behind WWII and outer space. Yes, ever since Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, humans have been obsessed with imagining Hell and interpretations of the underworld, from the terrifying to the laughable, have popped up throughout pop culture.

As a setting for video games, Hell just makes sense. Designers can get crazy with the nightmare imagery and the setting provides an endless supply of enemies. Not only that, you can dispense with a crisis of conscience over killing virtual enemies by labeling them all “demons.” Players will never feel bad about killing someone in Hell.

But some video games provide more memorable trips to Hell and the underworld than others. These versions of video game Hell transcend tired tropes of fire and brimstone and establish truly terrifying and unique depictions of a place we never want to see in real life.

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