Which Video Game Hero Would You Be Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Video game heroes are a varied bunch: they range from console-selling mascots to coldblooded maniacs. Their recognizable personalities allow gamers to empathize with and relate to them. It's important for players to know the type of adventure they're embarking on when they boot up a game, and a hero generally mirrors the world around them. Even when gamers choose a starter Pokémon, it's important to pick one that aligns with their specific taste and personality.

With so many exciting protagonists to choose from, such as the characters Nintendo showcases, it's daunting to decide which video game hero aligns with an individual. That is where zodiac signs come in.

These star signs can help determine which video game character most closely resembles a gamer's traits. Just as the most famous villains have their unique personalities, there's a video game hero for each zodiac sign, matching up with how they think and behave in all kinds of situations. The zodiac provides a distinctive way to look at video game heroes and gives people a chance to see just how well their favorite characters sync up with them.

  • D.Va is one of the heroes of Overwatch, and she's a fierce and noble warrior who also happens to be a gamer herself. The South Korean government recruited her to test specialized mechanical units, as her innate gaming talent was a prerequisite to piloting the defense-focused machines. 

    Aries are generally full of energy, never shying away from a physical challenge, and willing to be both brave and aggressive when necessary. When the call went out for help, D.Va was quick to answer, and she's become a global icon thanks to her winning personality.

  • Taurus is best represented in the video game world by The Legend of Zelda's hero, Link. Demonstrating the persistent and diligent traits typical of this zodiac sign with his ability to navigate through dungeons and solve a wide-ranging array of puzzles, Link is the very definition of a Taurus.

    He is also dependable and patient, ensuring Hyrule's survival throughout the ages and always being there to make sure it thrives.

  • To truly get into the spirit of the Gemini sign, it is necessary to find two inseparable characters. Banjo is a brown bear and Kazooie a red-crested bird from the Banjo-Kazooie series. The pair works together just like the twins of Gemini, showing an ability to adapt to any situation and versatile enough to overcome obstacles with the distinctive way they travel together.

    They're also unbelievably charming, further showcasing the qualities shared with this particular sign.

  • The best video game hero representation of the zodiac sign Cancer is Sonic the Hedgehog. The blue Sega mascot matches many of the characteristics of Cancers. He's tenacious when carrying out his duties, but also incredibly loyal to his friends and homeland, doing everything he can to protect them.

    Sonic is also much edgier and moodier than many other protagonists - something that resonates with anyone born under this sign.

  • Leos most closely resemble Pikachu out of all the video game heroes. The tiny Pokémon is cute beyond measure, like those born under this sign, and is capable of stealing the spotlight on any occasion. He is also fiercely loyal to his friends and passionate about caring for those who need help.

    As the mascot of the Pokémon franchise, Pikachu captures the attention of everyone around.

  • Virgos tend to be shy people who are hardworking and extremely loyal. Master Chief of the Halo series is perhaps the best fit for this sign. The super-soldier is practical and logical. He defends humanity in a way that means he has little to no social life, dedicating his life to his job.

    Anyone who takes pride in their fitness would also likely match up with Master Chief, as this is yet another trait he shares with Virgo.