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Which Video Game Hero Would You Be Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

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Video game heroes are a varied bunch: they range from console-selling mascots to coldblooded maniacs. Their recognizable personalities allow gamers to empathize with and relate to them. It's important for players to know the type of adventure they're embarking on when they boot up a game, and a hero generally mirrors the world around them. Even when gamers choose a starter Pokémon, it's important to pick one that aligns with their specific taste and personality.

With so many exciting protagonists to choose from, such as the characters Nintendo showcases, it's daunting to decide which video game hero aligns with an individual. That is where zodiac signs come in.

These star signs can help determine which video game character most closely resembles a gamer's traits. Just as the most famous villains have their unique personalities, there's a video game hero for each zodiac sign, matching up with how they think and behave in all kinds of situations. The zodiac provides a distinctive way to look at video game heroes and gives people a chance to see just how well their favorite characters sync up with them.

  • The hero of the Metroid series, Samus Aran demonstrates many of the traits that set apart a Sagittarius from the other signs. She is highly intelligent and levelheaded, plotting out her next move well in advance. Throughout her adventures, she showcases her great sense of discovery, as she scouts and protects the worlds surrounding her.

    Those born under the Sagittarius sign are naturally curious adventurers, which describes Samus to a T.

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  • A Capricorn would probably associate most with the likes of Altaïr from the Assassin's Creed franchise. The assassin is thoughtful and careful in everything he does, meticulously planning out how he will get to his targets so he can take them out efficiently.

    He can also appear sadistic with his methods, brutally killing his enemies, but he is disciplined and ambitious as he tries to become the very best in his order.

  • Lara Croft, star of her hit franchise, Tomb Raideris a smart and caring character who has dedicated her life to protecting and preserving ancient relics. Like those born under the Aquarius sign, she is an intellectual and a humanitarian. While capable of being quiet and unassuming, Croft can quickly turn into an unstoppable force when her friends or colleagues are in danger.

    She is deftly capable of handling any situation that's thrown her way.

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  • Jade from Beyond Good & Evil displays a considerable amount of compassion in the series. She opens an orphanage to care for children and shows a grave concern for their well-being by going out of her way to protect them. This hero is also incredibly sensitive at times and sympathetic to her friends - traits that define the Pisces sign. 

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