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This is a list of the top gaming news sites on the Internet, based on traffic as well as influence over the subject online. Magazines have been discussing gaming in detail online for years, and these websites are where much of the video game news coverage is centered. The format of gaming news websites allows those interested to explore breaking news as it happens, rather than wait for monthly gaming magazines to be released. This list of the latest gaming magazine websites provides a diverse collection of original writing and reporting on city news.

In the early days of online newspapers, users would traditionally find news about game releases, game reviews, and related subjects on big name sources, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Today, news permeates online social media culture, and headlines are posted on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ every minute. Alternative news sites and smaller newspaper are able to reach a larger audience with free content, news videos, and open comments for discussion. Links submitted to sites and services like Reddit and StumbleUpon make it easier than ever to find news stories and blog posts on any imaginable topic.

These blogs are focused on issues in the gaming community. Be sure to vote for your favorites to move them up the list.
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