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The 11 Wildest Psychos In Video Games

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It's surprisingly hard to find a “normal” character in a video game, but it’s all too easy to find knife-wielding clowns and artfully inventive serial killers. Gaming’s obsession with violence has made for some of pop culture’s wildest psychos - characters who are as entertaining as they are terrifying and unhinged.

They come in a variety of types. Sometimes it’s an unnerving, wide-eyed stare. Sometimes it’s the blood-soaked clothes and calmly whispered threats. Whatever tips us off to these character’s particular brand of insanity -  a subtle hint or, more often that not, a murderous monologue - these psychos rank as the best in gaming. They pull us in close and refuse to let go. Despite all the bloodshed and disturbing behavior, it’s hard to look away.