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The Greatest Video Game Sisters (But You're Glad They Aren't Your Sister)

Although it's not a common occurance, there are a handful cool video game characters that are sisters. Sometimes the best backup in times of strife is a little help from your family, and these sisters definitely have each others back. There are lots of amazing female characters in video games, but some of the greatest are also related to each other. Some of them could even give Mario and Luigi a run for their money. In groups or in pairs, rivals or accomplices, these sisters are some of the toughest, weirdest, greatest, and most enduring video game characters of all time. From the little sisters of Bioshock to the Great Giana Sisters, we've included every pair of sisters we could think of in video game history. Vote below on your favorite sisters in video games. Are we missing a few that you really love? Let us know in the comments, and we might just add them to the list!
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    The Little Sisters

    Both the creepiest and most heart rending part of the Bioshock games, the Little Sisters are dangerous mutants who must be healed and restored by the player.
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    Junko and Mukuro

    Known as the Despair Sisters, Junko and Mukuro are twins who survived a harsh childhood and are now deadly student soldiers in the Dangan Ronpa franchise.
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    Kat and Ana

    Photo: Wario / Nintendo
    A pair of fun-loving ninja sisters in the Wario franchise, Kat and Ana live in the park and help generate microgames. (Their names are a pun on the word "katana," a traditional samurai sword.)
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    Faris and Lenna

    Daughter of King Tycoon, Lenna is a playable character who appears in Final Fantasy V. Faris is Lenna's sister (real name Sarisa) who was raised by pirates, and is now a pirate captain.
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